The Longing Of The Seraphim

Beloved Starlit,

I am not stranded on an Island without a single soul in sight, and of course, that would not be the purpose of me being here. So even though I am living in my own reality, I still have a feeling of longing. It’s nothing to fear because it’s just my soul silently longing to be touch by your unique embrace and unique way of love. You are the one whom I want to share that romantic fluffy-up-on-the-cloud love with.

I am longing for you. But what can I do? I can’t deny this feeling, let alone lie to myself, and still, I can’t misuse my sexuality or power to get what I want. I am too committed and faithful to you, you have kissed my soul with just a gentle stroke on my cheek, and your touch still lingers in my heart. For being your divine feminine counterpart, and sensitive in such a delicate way, I am allowed to feel this way, my love, our Divine Mother is protecting me in a violet bubble full of smooth and silky white and pink feathers, the colors that resonate with me the most. I am inside that bubble while being cradled and carry through the realms of many higher dimensions. Even though how high I am up here, I can sense my physical body doing its best to transform and align with my higher consciousness.

I don’t want fame or success just to get the spotlight on me. There’s no meaning to it if I am not able to share what I am here to share with you and my brothers and sisters. I have no valuable treasures like money or diamonds, nor do I have time to speak words that hold no meaning to me less to anyone else. Somehow I wish to maintain quiet and not speak out loud. I thought of it so many times that it would be such ease to just using telepathy as communication.

You know Starlit since spoken words are the way humans use for communication, and even though many do lies when speaking when it comes to their true feelings. Therefore it’s likely people misinterpret each other by using the filter of the ego for listening and at times they do gives out mixed signals.

Words are powerful, it can either break or mend, but even more powerful if you can read behind the lines, the actual meaning by listening to the voice, how the eyes dilate and how the body is reacting to the words that are said. Sometimes people just say things without meaning it, and sometimes they do mean it, but their actions contradict with what they’ve said. It makes communications very stressful and even complicated, because we maybe are more into talking rather than listening, or we only use one of our senses to perceive the words that go into our ears with the filter of the ego. Sometimes we hear, but couldn’t believe since we use the only one sense; to see. For some, to see is to believe, for others to believe is to see.

For me? Since I am ultra sensitive to everything that comes out of people’s mouth that I can sense them on every level, that it could be a bit annoying sometimes since not all that they say is 100% of what they in truth feel deep down. So being faithful to myself, I will listen, respond, communicate, ask, share my feelings, have faith in the love I have for others and don’t doubt my value no matter what has been said or done by someone else. I have faith in the goodness they have in their heart and soul, and the kindness and love in me which I want to radiate towards all will make communication easier.

Words saying out loud doesn’t hold any meaning if the intention to express how you feel is not true. People can lie up to your face, but sometimes you have to let your feelings guide you to an understanding of what people mean or intend. But sometimes when those who are in slumber, they don’t know what they’re saying or doing, then the only option for me is to forgive them. The only thing about me is that I don’t forget. But don’t fret, I do hold a space in my heart and forgive them.

Because if I hold a space for them and have love in my heart, and always be a catalyst, ask questions, respond kindly, if I can’t be kind, I will wait before I approach them with my truth. Communication is important, through active listening and responding, it builds relationships and strengthens the bond between us. If I can’t verbalize my true feelings, I will do it in an old fashion way, write a letter, or nowadays e-mail and SMS.

I believe, our real feelings often come more completely and clear onto a piece of paper than when we are to sit face to face and tell the other what we feel.

I think the only words I would speak then is: I love you while staring into your eyes. It’s so simple yet powerful words that we don’t dare to say when facing someone we hold so many feelings for.

We need to stay true to our feelings and cast away fear so that we can build meaningful relationships and not just co-dependent relationships that hold us powerless and exhausted. The power lies in knowing yourself and your feelings, and be true to yourself without fear. Always mobilize to act, and not paralyzed by fear of getting hurt, you can’t get hurt if you don’t let your mind make you into a victim. There’s no one to blame, and there’s no one to judge if we understand we are each other. You and Me – become I, We.

Don’t criticize or judge yourself, say sorry to yourself if you feel you have done something against your own moral, hurt yourself, or neglect yourself because of someone else. If you hear yourself explain or complain, then listen, why couldn’t you spend time listening to your own complains or explanations like you always do with your friends or family?

Forgive yourself, and rejoice in understanding yourself a bit more on why you did what you did or said what you said. And after that, contemplate more in how to resolve or love yourself more.

I commit myself in correcting my behaviors without no hesitation or further explanation to myself or anyone else. If people can’t understand right away, they will eventually see the bigger picture at the right Divine timing. When they see how much I have changed or be more me healthily and happily with more capacity to love and understand because it’s my real state of being, love; the one I am meant to be since the beginning of birth.

I correct myself without getting angry with myself when I seem to unintentionally do something I say I wouldn’t do again, every moment of life is always a new moment to re-create ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. Don’t fret, we all have been ignorant and naive, we do our best from the given situation or the state we are in. There’s no need to punish ourselves or hate ourselves.

You know what Starlit? I telepathically talk to you every day, and in my mind, you would call me honey, babe, or dear. For me, you live in my heart, and there is no separation between us. You and me, we are one.

If you want, why wouldn’t you give yourself such sweet words to yourself?

For those who read this; Do you have anyone you love? Interested in? Or like? Sit down, walk or wherever you are, you can always telepathically talk to them, hold their name in your mind and tell them how you feel. You don’t have to go directly to them to tell them how you feel about them or open yourself up to all the love you hold in your heart for them. If you feel you are afraid or feel you aren’t ready, then just tell them that in your own mind.

Don’t go a day without saying I love you, or maybe just construct a love letter in your mind, sweet, sweet words about love to something, someone or even your pet. Because those are light, energy of love, it’s powerful; it will change how you feel. Because we all are one, what loving thoughts you hold in your mind for someone, are loving thoughts for yourself.

We always have something to teach someone about something. But we can’t always bluntly do that since people never ask because they are more prone to tell about their worries without going in to solve it. And it would be easier to telepathically tell them in your mind if you don’t have the time or you can’t wait.
Tell them in your mind, hold their name in your mind and teach them, use your wisdom. You are wiser than you think. When you teach someone something, you are teaching yourself the same thing.

When we have such harmonious relationship with ourselves and don’t neglect our needs and wants, we can share and create more of the positivity we want to give out, not just for us, but for those we love. After all the self-respect and the self-love we give ourselves, we will be braver and bolder. We will talk out loud, verbalize, express our feelings, doesn’t matter if it comes out imperfect at first, but we are given chances every day to construct the “perfect” image of ourselves and our speech, maybe next time, we learn to slow down, to breathe before we speak.

Today while I walked through the street, I was thinking to myself, “People see me as Amaia, while Amaia sees herself as Miracle, and Miracle sees herself as Crystallize.” It’s fun to think that way because being a multi-dimensional being are so complex yet so simple.

We shouldn’t reject any part of us, our ego, body, and soul; they must work in harmony if we are going to transmit the unconditional love and peace energy authentically through words and actions. We must align ourselves with our higher soul, spirit and live in integrity.

Yes, right now it’s we, a unit not us versus them because the collective consciousness and individual consciousness aren’t that different. We either put fear or love into the bowl of soup.

We are on different waves of ascension. For those of us who have gone through the dark night of the soul, and have pulled down more light and integrate the light into the physical body. We are more or less living in the 5D frequency. We will now have to hold a space for those who are about to begin to awake or has awake but is still in confusion.

I am calling to be in service right now, so what I can do is to live as an example. And be the best version of myself while pulling down more light. It’s crystal clear that I am here as a light-bearer, Crystallize Venus Star, to shine a light for my brothers and sisters while their souls are still in the dark.

I am in connection with my star family, and I always commune with Grandpa aka The Sun (God). And I do my best not to dwell in the solitude for too long without being expressive about how I feel about the experiences in my daily life and how my reality feels like to me on the 5th dimension or higher realms.

I hold a space for those who still couldn’t understand how heaven on earth feels like or unsure if the prophecy will become true. Or maybe they never heard of heaven on earth at all.

Terra Nova The New Earth is as real as it can be, but for some, they can’t comprehend it. It’s sad, but for those who begin to awaken and feel the love and the connection to the Divine in all things and all beings will feel as if they are walking on clouds.

It’s a spiritual awakening that is happening within us, an evolution that we all are a part of whether we want it or not. There’s nothing to fear because it’s all light and love. It’s just a bit painful to let the false identity of the ego die. It’s the identity of being the co-depended role we have played in each other lives for so long without knowing that we interconnect spiritually, no blood related, but still a community as a family through spirit, through the soul’s connection, through the divine, independently. We are not separated. There’s no separation.

I can’t just walk away from those I love and care for without working diligently with myself to spiral up the higher dimensions, and I even went to hell to retrieve everyone soul so that there will no longer be darkness on planet Earth.

I am not just here born as a human being with a soul, but I represent the Angelic and Celestial beings – E.T or whatever you would like to call “us,” we all are brothers and sisters, we all are E.T. in some way. Only that planet Earth is unique enough to let us have a body with flesh and bones, but we are a part of God. We are a part of the Divine Plan that plays out here on Earth. Our Divinity is our heritage that our Almighty Father God bestowed upon us, He is Source, and he won’t let harm come to us anymore.

In His/Her eyes we are unique, precious, and innocence. It’s time to go back home now, and home is where the heart is. Go inside and connect with the soft, tender and kind voice within, go within and get to know yourself. Shed light on those shadow thoughts that seems to bug you every day with fear. Fear of letting yourself be the true you, fear of not being accepted for who you are, for the feelings you have, fear of death, fear of so many things. There’s nothing to fear, but let fear show you how to take care and love yourself.

There’s Nothing To Fear

Fear do exist in me
But I am not afraid of the fear which approaches me
I surrender my being and let fear comes
Fear does exist, so let it come
I want to know where it will go

Approach yet again, my fear
I know you come to bring me your wisdom
I surrender my being, and I’m willing to learn
Teach me; I want to know where you’re going

It aches inside my body
Oh, fear, show me mercy
Tell me, where are you coming from
Through this body of mine,
where are you going

I am now aware of my body
Because of the pain, my fears cost me
My soul is the beholder of my body
Makes it able to function

Fear does exist, but not as an enemy
But as a friend, who teaches me
How to take care –
Of the shelter to my soul

– Crystallize

Whenever you are in fear or depression, remember I am sending out positive love vibrations and hold a space for you in my Heart-Space Sanctuary. You might not feel, hear, see or sense me, but I am there in the pure essence as a lover, a friend, a supporter and caregiver without sound or sight.

I AM, your divine feminine counterpart.
Your Goddess of Pleasure.
Amaia Amara Crystallize

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