The Goddess Of Beauty And Love

My lovely Goddess –
She dwells forever and ever in my heart
as a sweet pastry of my life.
I bow my head in silence while
I contemplate on the love of her benevolence heart.

I cherish her wisdom with no hesitation from my side.
In her heart-space sanctuary is where she resides while
She moves me with her guiding tune of light.

I abide and take her quest with ease and pride,
Never would I turn my back on those who need my guiding light.

She always reminds me of my butterfly wings,
And I remember I was a human angel with one missing wing.

I, as a human angel, need only to love,
A love so divine and so bright as the starlight

Makes my void grows –
I’m growing another wing,
And love myself as God loves everyone and everything.

“Always remember, and never forget, what you give is what you get;

She meant what she said, and she said what she meant,
you must keep being loyal and faithful to her 100 percent.”

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