I AM, Libra – Goddess of Redemption

Beloved Heart,

I wrote this few months back on my Tumblr blog. I want to remind you that if you want to walk through the gate of Heaven, you need to repent and do your best to reflect and contemplate on what real love, unconditional love, and peace are. Do not waste your time on things you no longer resonate with, but be bold enough to carve out a new path for yourself, be the unique you and shine your light.


I was guided to work with crystals, so I searched on google for what kind of crystals I should be working on, etc., then I was guided to a page where they say about tourmaline, it’s a crystal, birthstone for those who are born under the sign of Libra. To my amazement, I was guided to understand that the time for liberation is here.

I am born under the sign of Libra, ruled by planet Venus. It rang many bells for me when I found out that planet Venus ruled the sign Libra. I was very into astrology in the past. I did telepathically talk to my Grandmother, Goddess Aphrodite during my “wake-up call” and awakening. I have faith, and I know she guides me through every day of my life and onwards.


During the time of Libra, from 23.09. to 22.10., our planet is exposed to the magnificent outpourings of the Light Temple of Liberty.

Certain crystals and stones are favorites of this Temple. Above all, Tourmaline is specially susceptible to the powers of the Temple of Liberty. Therefore, people born in the astrological sign of Libra should choose Tourmaline as their stone. Tourmaline is their personal crystal, their birthstone.

Libra – Goddess of Redemption

The ancient people of Lemuria revered Libra as Goddess of deliverance. People looked to her, hoping to atone for their karmic sins of the past, especially when related to abuses of masculine, yang energies.

Libra aligns and balances the large planetary fields of polar opposites and enables realization of Divine perfection, redemption and growth of life. Only when we are close to the Divine we can find ourselves in true balance. Only when we live our life according to God’s principles we attain true harmony.

Libra is a sign of balance, of careful weighing our values and achievements. Libra knows how to balance the opposites. It is a narrow edge that extends between the pairs of opposites. It requires proper development of our sense of value, as well as enough power to use the analytic functions of the mind. For Libra, mental reflection, balancing and decision making are skills that have to be learned.

Venus governs over Libra when it comes to the orthodox astrology. The characteristics of Venus in this sign are equilibrium and justice. Libra is a sign of cosmic reciprocity, of cooperation rather than competition, of partnership and association. The point of balance should be put between the tangible personal desires and the intelligent spiritual love. Venus is also a symbol of creative imagination. The spiritual ruler of Libra is Uranus, whereas the hierarchical ruler is Saturn, a planet of discipline.

Several keywords are suitable for Libra, for example, “Let us make a choice,” or “harmony, sympathy, balance”. The keyword of the spiritually developed Libra is “I choose the path that leads between the two great lines of force.”

For more follow the link above.

After that, I read on and on, about Sapphire, the September birthstone, since my birth month is in September. One thing lead to another, I went into Lille Arkana’s web shop and looked up for those stones, and found three items; Watermelon Tourmaline, Star Sapphire, Green Tourmaline/Smokey Quartz.

I didn’t hesitate after reading the description for each item. I was about to check out when I saw the total came up 444,- NOK. It was a huge sign that I was on the right path. Angel’s numbers. I paid and ordered them.

2-3 days after the purchased the items arrived, I unpacked it and got three bottles of elixir *Laughing.* I thought for a second, “so the meaning is for me to take them orally and not to hold them in my palm and meditate?” I had to call Lille Arkana and asked how I was supposed to take them? All three together or one at a time. The sweet lady behind the phone answered me with an assurance that I could take them all together, but it would be too powerful, so better to start with one first and then another later.


And now I remember that my guides and angels have told me to make rose water and drink it, the purpose was to strengthen my throat chakra.

I have walked pass a pink rose bush many times and always said to the rose that has captured my eyes, “I will pluck you later…” “but you are too beautiful to be plucked for your petals for my benefit.”


And every time I walked past it I just hold an intention that I will drink rose water, but strangely enough, I just put it behind the back of my mind, until now that I was guided to buy the elixirs by “mistake,” but there’s no mistake.

My guardian angels and the whole team above worked behind the scene to feed me the elixir infuse with watermelon tourmaline gem stone and flower essence. They care and love me immensely and understand how I can at times procrastinate something that’s important to me. With this in mind, I am forever grateful for their guidance, “thank you, everyone, from the spaceship and my guardian angels.”

I have been a good girl, and I took my Elixir every day since I got them, I began with the watermelon tourmaline first.

It’s a privilege and a wonderful sense of liberty to be able to feel so free to be who I am without shame or guilt. I am finally like a “bird set free” and sing my song.

Besides, why couldn’t I be myself? I am not here to harm anyone anyway, I just want to care and love, it’s the inner nature of my being.

To back it all up, I was also guide to another web page when it comes to Lemuria.

All resonate with me on so many levels, because the Lemurian people were living in a 5th-dimensional frequency or dimension back then in ancient time, approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago.

“The continent of Lemuria thrived in a state of paradise and magic for a few million years.”

For more information click here.

(only take what resonates with you. My body always gives chills when I resonate with something I read. It means “Yes,” this is right, keep on following the sign. No chills, says “No” I can be skeptical with what I’ve read, or just ignore it.)

It was a calling to go there and connect with this lovely woman, who is also a voice for the divine feminine while steadfast in her mission to guide other/us through ascension.

Her name is Grace Solaris, Grace of the Sun. Visit her web page click here.

If you believe that your sensitivity and synchronicity is leading you somewhere, then it’s probably your higher self, guides, and angels trying to guide you through your soul evolution (Ascension). And for me, it’s always a right path, since I have faith in who I am, and listen to myself. The Universe will always back me up with synchronicity.

Just follow the light and signs of your body-heart-mind, feelings, and thoughts. But first of, you have to let your “ego” surrender to the divine within and gentle ask it to let you; the soul, direct your life. If you dare to have faith in yourself, and not to mention your angels, higher self, ascended masters and archangels are there to help you every step of the way. You must have faith that you are worth and people have to respect you for who you are and that you are loved immensely by me, the benevolent one and our Divine Father God, Creator.

The universe will give you more of the love and respect you deserve by everyone else, various things will flow in your attention which you feel an attraction, people will connect with you or you will be called to connect with other people. So hold positive and loving thoughts, and believe in unconditional love.

Don’t fret if you get it wrong once or twice, just go back and have alone time and talk to yourself! What you need and want does matter, and be truthful to yourself and be clear. Have a clear intention of what you want or need. It’s highly important if you want to manifest the good, beauty, abundance, love and grace into your life because you are all those things, that’s why you will hold it in your thoughts enough to create it. And you will have to amplify it by surrender to the truth of who you are with your feelings. And take action when you are called to do so, or when the soul doesn’t want to act out from the strategy that you put into motion in your mind. Having loving thoughts would also suffice, I have had experiences that I telepathically talked about what I need or want, then suddenly other people around me would respond and give me what I had in mind. And other times I felt them during my dreams or I know I would meet them on the street etc., then they would appear in front of me like it suppose that we were going meet.

One time my big sister and niece contacted me in my dreams. I felt they were full of tender care, and love emotions, and when I woke up in the morning I thought to myself that I want some blueberry, suddenly they both come to my place after being to the supermarket, and they said they bought me blueberries *Laughing.* That’s the power of the mind.

Mix signals will give you mixed results, and even block you from getting that which is for your highest good. I always aim to have faith that things will come to me for my highest good, even the bad situations; there’s a chance it holds a lesson which teaches me more about myself. So actually, there’s nothing that could go wrong, just keep on being yourself. Create the best version of yourself at the moment to moment, from day to day.

Just a gentle reminder, try to lessen the worry and fear from your mind. Ease it with calm, kind, loving and peaceful words. Who you are, will manifest your reality, your thoughts and feelings won’t always be sufficient enough to attract things or people into your life, but actually, it’s more like which vibration you are carrying, which frequency you are vibrating at, which frequency you intend to tune in. You are a divine being, a Goddess/God. Aren’t you royalty enough to deserve to be treated like royalty with good things and good people in your life? When you serve other with sincere intention while being a divine being with powerful abilities, you will be served by the Universe. But always prioritize yourself first, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” always be mindful and make sure your choices, actions, and words are for the highest good of all, you and the other, which is me. Your Divine feminine.

Affirm, all is well. I create Heaven on Earth.

With much love,
Miraculous, the child of Miracle.

3 Comments on “I AM, Libra – Goddess of Redemption

  1. read this after seeing my truth compared to my higher light, that I am the maker as we all are of the change of how we see our world. here is what It sead.

    I sat alone with my conscience in a place where time had ceased and we talked of my former living in the land were year’s increased. And I felt I should have an answer to the question it put to me, and to face the answer and question throughout an eternity. The ghosts of forgotten actions came floating before my sight, things I thought were dead things were alive with a terrible might. The vision of all my past life was an awful thing to face alone with my conscience in that solemnly silent place. I thought of a far away warning, of a sorrow that was to be mine, in a land that then was the future, but now is the present time. I thought of my former thinking of the judgment day to be, but sitting alone with my conscience seemed judgment enough for me. I wondered if there was a future to this land beyond the grave, but no one gave me an answer and no one came to save. Then I felt that the future was present. And the present would never go by, for it was but the thought of my past life grown into eternity. Then I woke from my timely dreaming, the vision passed away, I knew the far away warning was a warning of yesterday. I pray that I may not forget it, in this land before the grave. That I may not cry in the future, and no one come to save. So I sit alone with my conscience in a place were the year’s increase, I try to remember the future in a land were time will cease. I know of the future judgment, how dreadful so ever it be, that to sit alone with my conscience will be judgment enough for me.

    • Repent and all sins will be erased. Remember when you do good for others with sincerely gesture to help and not just wanting to gain anything back. Don’t seek for approval or acknowledgement from people who you have helped, but only to love them unconditionally. Your life will be enrich if you close the gap between heaven and hell. Take a leap of faith and know you are home in heaven within your heart.

    • You are your own savior. Don’t wait for someone else to come and save you, even if they did, and you are not ready for the help at hands, you will venture down the path of loneliness and play the role of a victim.

      Glorified your future and wave new dreams of peace and love. When you are alone with yourself, you might think you are alone, but it is not the case, you are sitting with Divinity within your heart, God, therefore you are not alone. Think of the heart that which gave you life, with each heartbeat contains the truth and the song of life. You are ALIVE, don’t use your mind to think how to live, don’t play the role of a dying one, the only thing and only one that needs to “die” is your ego-self, the false self-image that the old 3D paradigm has imposed on you throughout your lifetime.

      I say again; you are your own savior, reach out your hand, that inner child of your and grasp the hands of your savior, the heart.

      With love

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