A Child Of God

Beloved Heart,

You are more wealthy than you think you are. So much blessed as any others humans in this world. Wouldn’t you take time to count your blessing? Feeling grateful that you have a life? A chance to change your behavior and attitude about life if you can’t see anything positive about it or better; change someone else’s life by being an example of God’s grace and love. You count, you make a difference. You are so worthy of love and acceptance.

Past experiences are there so you can learn from them and let them go, release your negative emotions and tend to your inner child and your body, you need your own love as much as you give it to other.

I have learned so much by seeking for the truth. I have always been searching for the truth, and I found it. The truth is, there’s no truth less the truth we are perceiving. Life is the truth, and you are the truth, not anyone has the same truth, so what? Can’t we learn to respect each other view point on how things are? Why do we waste time in arguing, we can discuss because it gives us the chance to understand each other more and better, but we can’t debate forever on how to live a peaceful life.

To live a peaceful life is to act out how we feel and think that it would be. We will come to terms with our own darkness, and make peace with ourselves. We extend kindness when we act in peace and love. We treat people with respect and let them be who they are. We don’t have to change them because we can’t, we can only change our behavior towards them and how we approach them, and that would be enough because people will be affected by us. They will transform themselves if that is what they wish to do. Their transformation will start once they have an intention to seek for their own truth and freedom.

We tend to judge what we don’t understand, but that in itself is innocence, because of the lack of understanding, we become fearful of the unknown. We all have the heart to forgive such behavior because we are in the same image and likeness of God, and God is forgiving. So forgive yourself for judging, and do forgive people who judge you. They don’t know you as you know who you are. When each of us has discovered the truth of who we are, judgment will fall by the wayside.

I’ve made peace with my past, and I will not tolerate behavior such as betrayal, lies, violence, injustice, and corruption. I’ve changed the way of thinking, and break loose from the old ego programming that the strong will survive and that we have to compete to get what we want. I affirm to myself that I am good enough and that I love myself as I am, whatever I need will be provided to me by the Universe.

It was a long process of transformation, but it was worth the hour spent on reading books that give me the knowledge that nurtures my soul. When you are in to seek the truth, freedom, and love, you will eventually find it. It could take some time before you get to where you want to be, but that is worth it because you will be so much at ease with yourself eventually. All I can say is, don’t get discouraged even if you can’t go to the place where you want to be in your life right at the moment you think a negative thought your emotion will weigh you down. Trust and accept that the emotions and thoughts you are having there and then are an indication from your soul that it wants you to levitate to a higher vibration of truth.

When all else fails, and you can’t control the situation you are in, don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially Divine Father God. You can always ask Him for help. Prayers make wonder in your life. How do I know it? I know, because I asked Him for help. I was on my knees, literally, and in a position to pray for help. I prayed to Him and asked for assistance, and it came. Rushing through the night, when darkness was all I could see. He not only sent me angels in disguise of human beings but a legion of archangels from heaven above. I saw the light within me was glowing when there was complete darkness.

I’m completely in love, and it’s such a wonder to be. I will stay in love because that’s the choice I have made. I am here to assist, and before I leave this place, I will help lift the spirit of everyone I encounter in a more peaceful state of mind. Mother Earth will be a place full of unconditional love and peace.

I am a child of God, and He forgave me for what I have been through, and love me for who I am.

With Love and Light
Amaia Amara Crystallize, The Lady Seraphim.

One Comment on “A Child Of God

  1. speaking from your heart you are. awesome that is. so far from me seems the intentions of my heart. never a real expression. like a robot expression of my truth is fake made up by logic. emotions I haven’t felt in so long. not important I tell myself don’t expect others to care. I think even if they did they would want to put me on a path that has worked for them. I think I might go on that path and get injured worse for that is there path it was not meant for me. the great commentator in my mind makes me question everything till I give up hope wishing for things for myself need to trust others with my hearts intent. to tell them my wishes and know that I have abilities that could help them with there needs too.

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