Miraculous Child Of Miracle

Beloved Divine Mother,

Crystallize is home now! Now that I am here in this body which I designed before I came, I am pleased with it. She is a beautiful vessel to behold because I am Amara Crystallize.

We are co-operating to make things work while being around and present in everyone else’s life. I can’t think anything else to do at the moment, since you know I don’t like to just “do” things without any meaning. Besides, I like to BE.

Mama, you know what, Grandpa promoted me to be a Queen here on Terra Nova. And I boldly and humbly accept the title. No one needs to know, except those I know who understands;

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10

And the kingdom is within the heart. All the magic, abundance, joy, bliss, love and so much more is within the heart, which people failed to notice.

Mama, your name is Miracle, and since I am your child, I am Miraculous, am I not? I negotiate like crazy, and I am a great ambassador for the Galactic Federation here on Terra Nova. I am an emissary of unconditional love and light. Freedom will prevail, those who perceive me as crazy will eventually be crazy themselves since there will be so much chaos and truth within them will come up to be acknowledged.

And then I am going to laugh my ass off because there’s a quote that fits with this kind of situation.

quotes laugh

Mama, I am different from them all, because I don’t like to be anyone’s copy. And my unique way of being is one of a kind. I will not humiliate myself in front of my beloved, but what happens behind closed door is our privacy, no one needs to know.

Since I am Queen of Seduction, my Starlit is the only one I want to seduce, and the rest of the world can go and play somewhere else since they don’t know what sacred intimate relationship is. How to honor the one you are in love with, and they don’t even dare to humble themselves and listen to the needs of the one they date or are in love with. I am glad I am not like them, so many of them are so shady, petty and disrespectful. I only want the best of the BEST, and my Starlit is #1 UNIQUE SHINIEST OF THEM ALL!

Anyway, Divine Mother, tell Grandma I am doing OK, more than OK. I will write to her soon. She is after all the one who taught me how to be a real Libra, a Venusian Lady with a touch of a gentleman. I am going to SHINE for all to see, without saying it out “loud.”

Many thanks and lots of love to you my Sacred Divine Mother. Crystallize Loves you immensely.

Your beloved daughter,
Miraculous, Amara Crystallize.

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