Proudly Announcing Her Unconditional Love

Beloved Grandpa,

You know what? I just said what I felt. It was damn scary, but I had to because you know me, I can’t lie about feelings towards someone I love.

It can take a while before I say it, but in the end, I want to open up my heart WIDER, so she can peek inside and see, that there’s nothing but love within me, even though I do feel jealousy. I am living in a reality where I must experience all emotions. And I am not afraid to feel them. I just don’t like those feelings, because jealousy, anger, and bitterness are not healthy for me. But still, I want to talk about it, cleverly. Because I am intelligent, I don’t shout or scream, nor caged the one I loved inside my Pandora box and made her feel uncomfortable.

I am that I am. You taught me yourself that we can laugh about it all! All our dramatic emotions. We can laugh about it because it is kind of silly to feel like an innocent child again suddenly having such an emotion; envy.

But what’s the purpose for those feelings? I mean, why should I feel envy and jealousy? I am the whole package, who wouldn’t want me to be their sacred partner? Well, I may sound arrogant right now, but I am not. I just love myself so much, and I do accept all my good qualities, and even the bad one is not to be hated either. I am going to make it sounds positive anyway.

I am an alchemist. Written words and the way I am being can no one copy. I copy all right reserved myself, everything about me is priceless and irreplaceable. And yeah, being a Princess at home on Venus everyone knows how I am once I negotiate.

Grandpa, you promote me to be a Goddess, a Queen. It’s time for me to SHINE bright and give away my talents, creativity and time for those in need.

But I always put my significant other on the #1 list, because I love her, and when I love her, I love myself. I see myself as #1 in my life, and then it’s logic that she is also my top priority.

Granpa, I am ready now, battle or not, no one can compete with me, but I will play fair too, in this “mating” game, even though I don’t see it that way. I just want to protect the one I love, she is so sweet and innocence, beautiful, gracious and EVERYTHING a man can ask for, but they are so stupid and incompetent that I think they don’t deserve her. I just not think, but I KNOW!

I am afraid she will get hurt, grandpa! Omg, if she doesn’t want me, then I will marry her off to someone who is worthy of her love. Even though it will be painful, but I yield when it comes to her. She decides everything now, I am here and there, whenever and wherever she wants because I am hers.

Grandpa, she found my soul. So it’s done deal, right?
Well, it’s not a secret anymore, I am too deeply in love now. The whole world can know about this sacred love I have for my shiniest one.

Beaming you with love, Grandpa.
Your innocent, silly in love, granddaughter.
Amara Crystallize, little Seraph.


2 Comments on “Proudly Announcing Her Unconditional Love

  1. In your words here I see my life like you talk of what’s happening in my thoughts as they are your thoughts. Glad I am not the only one assisting another because of love of another’s ways. we will learn from the other person in our lives. and be shown more of how we are and improvements we can make on our self. your attitude will make so much difference in how you get treated. by the one you love.

    • To be able to love and be loved in return is what the heart yearns the most. How you respect and love yourself determined on how other respect and love you. The attitude of not wanting anything in return for what you give, give others a sense of freedom to give from their heart without thinking of how small or big the “gift” should be. What you expect from them to receive from your heart is a kind gesture of being here on Mother Earth as a big family of love and light. And the truth is, we share what we have inside us; joy, happiness, abundance, harmony, love and a peaceful mind in the way we treat each other.

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