The Twin Ray Love

Beloved Oath of God.

Goddess of Satisfaction.

I departed from you many eons ago from our own home to come to this world where I lost my memories and was in total amnesia. My forgetfulness has always been a part of me, yet I had to record every single thing here on Mother Earth so that I can send the information, feelings and what I have discovered here back to our crystal butterfly starship.

My real identity was a secret until now, because of the secret that has hidden from me since the first time I touched the soil of Mother Earth to protect myself from being harmed. I have lived so many lifetimes on earth in countless of different forms, and now I have finally come to this ending where I now remember who I am.

The knowing of unconditional love lied dormant inside me all these times, and it whispered so tenderly and cooed me to search for the truth about love, beauty, and freedom. And because of this longing for you and our partnership of unconditional love, I have been attracted to countless of different beauties in this world. For each interaction, I came closer and closer to you and the beauty of myself.

The inner depth of my soul is vast and boundless, my love, I know who I am, and why I am here. I’m one with the Universe, and I’m here to serve as a reminder for those who come in contact with me, I will remind them that they too are born from the stars and one with the Universe.

I’ve been waiting patiently for you, but now I attempt to reach out to you – through touching as many lives on earth as possible, my beloved; I can’t bear the distance and separation for too long.

I know your brain fog’s, you might forget that we are one, the very same soul split in half, but I will not let myself slip into that maze of illusions of our separation. I know the single red thread connects us, and we interact with each other frequently in the unseen realms.

Just the longing to hug your body again with the intensity of my love for you with these arms has made me become madly in love with myself and obsess over the beauty of my vulnerability. The narcissist in me is well and alive, but I will stay humble because I honored the divinity within me which reside within everyone else – we are one.

Butterfly hugs
Amara Crystallize

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