Revealing The Secret of Miracle

Beloved Heart,

After a crazy upgrading since last week, I am going to reveal a shocking news. Miracle is not just me, my higher self, she is in truth, my Divine Mother. And Ryder is her twin flame, my Divine Father. And Beloved Divine Father God is my grandpa.

Yeah, this sounds unbelievable, but it’s the truth. At least my truth. My real name when Miracle birthed me is Crystallize, and later when I incarnated during the Lemurian time, I was appointed the name Amara.

I am blossoming now. It was a relief to know that my parents, Ryder and Miracle, birthed Anthu and let him helped me to take care of myself when I don’t have the strength left in me. Because during those days when I was “gone,” he was actually there each time I call his name ANTHU! He is so strong, and now as a true Libra, I am not just only a lady but a gentleman too, in the same body.

Anthu resides as the Sacred Divine Masculine within me. I embody him when I feel my Sacred Divine Feminine needs protection. Everything seems so unreal, but yet so real.

Anyway, I am already crazy in love, so why not just be myself for once, be the full truth of who I am. I will rather do that, than fake and pretend someone I’m not to fit in and become “normal.”

So this is an announcement for all of you who follow and read this blog. I feel honor that you are willing to read everything I write here on my website. But I am not here to gather people to follow me. I am just here, presence to let you know, with love, all things are possible.

Thanks for reading, but even if no one does, I will not stop to write. Because that’s how I am, I don’t care so much to be popular. I just want Mother Earth, Gaia, to be a beautiful place for all to play in joy with each other.

Love and Light, Through Time.
Amara Crystallize

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