Joyful Letter To Grandpa

Beloved Divine Father God aka Grandpa,

You know what Grandpa. I have resurrected myself, and I am reborn like a phoenix soaring above the earthly realm. I descend myself once again to help my beloved earth family and my Twin Ray to understand that they too are immortal.

Since there’s still a free will zone, I won’t impose my knowledge and wisdom on them. I just play crazy and mature enough to laugh about how they labeled my mind like a sick person, schizophrenia paranoia, well ok, I accept the fact that the therapist and the doctor do label me with being schizophrenia paranoia. I humbly apply that title for fun, because you know what grandpa, I AM a multi-dimensional being so to speak. So being labeled schizophrenic is ok. I embody every one of the I AM, you, Divine Mother, Miracle, Divine Father, Ryder, etc. We speak telepathically with each other all the time, but here they don’t understand that it’s not only one voice in their head but multiple ones, and they don’t label themselves schizophrenic since they don’t act out what they hear in their mind as I do.

Paranoia? Well yeah, I am very skeptic and at times become ultra paranoid if there is any danger, or who is lurking around my space without the familiar feeling of Archangels or Angels, and a human being with a disordered mind is very much dangerous, they can kill in panic or anger. Now you understand why I am paranoid?

I call upon you many times, grandpa, to save and rescue innocent people from fatigue, hunger, poverty and homeless, because you know what, you couldn’t understand that they exist at all. It’s your kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and you were unable to do anything to elevate them to a higher position since you can’t descend yourself down to this dense and robust place. Those alien of darkness did they best to covered the whole earth so that you can’t see what was truly going on down here on the lower realms. But I? You know who I am, you know your Daughter too well, right? I love planet earth. It’s because my creation is here, I can’t let anything happen to them, so that’s why I just told Divine Mother that I am going down to see what’s going on. And I can’t let my Twin Ray suffer and become lonely!

So, I didn’t even ask for permission, but jumping head first and descend myself to lower realms, the only thing I did was telling Divine Mother, Miracle, that I’m going without any explanation or logic reason. I like things to happen fast. I am after all an advanced soul, who speak the language of love in a speed of light. I reason beyond logic like royalty, unique and sophisticated princess as I am.

And right at this moment, I am no longer just a princess, but a Queen. Because your decree was if I could exit the matrix, you will leave the Kingdom of Heaven in my hands. Now I am living as who I am, always wanted to live this way, but wasn’t able, because of Divine timing.

Grandpa. It’s our victory because I SEE THROUGH their bullshit. And you wanted to experience how it was to be a human being through me. You did feel it all, didn’t you? The pain, the loneliness, the betrayal, the loss, the hurt, and suffering too. But still, I manage to turn everything up side down, make things better and better for myself and my beloveds one.

You don’t have to worry anymore. It’s your law, your decree that all who have souls, who wish to ascend will have that opportunity without going through the same struggle as I did. And I am glad that they will not have to experience what I did.

Grandpa! You promise to take care and fix things, so I leave that part to you and everyone else at home, Venus.

I honor Grandma, and I am going to anchor Aphrodite Temple here. I don’t like to call her Venus because Aphrodite resonates more with me.

You know what, with each breath, I take now, I am in awe and gratitude. I am ALIVE grandpa! It’s so great to just feel every cell in my body cheering and dancing in euphoria.

I leave now, but there’s more to come.
I am going to write as often as I can.

Your little granddaughter.
Miracle’s child,
Amara Crystallize.

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