Daily Archives: September 6, 2017

Joyful Letter To Grandpa

Beloved Divine Father God aka Grandpa, You know what Grandpa. I have resurrected myself, and I am reborn like a phoenix soaring above the earthly realm. I descend myself once again to help my beloved earth family and my Twin Ray to understand that they too are immortal. Since there’s still a free will zone, […]

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You Are Free And Wild

Birdy, birdy, birdy – Fly fly fly. I want you to fly to where you want to rest your wings, and let the sun embraced your feather and its beams reflected in your eyes. Birdy, birdy, birdy – Fly fly fly. You are so beautiful – When you soar in that blue, blue sky. Birdy, […]

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Sorrowful Cry

Beloved Heart, My Divine Mother urges me to follow my unique self, to be an original and not a copy of anyone else work, so she had to come through and give me direction by amplifying my feelings and emotions so that I once again can remember how unique I am. My heart is vibrating […]

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The Twin Ray Love

Beloved Oath of God. Goddess of Satisfaction. I departed from you many eons ago from our own home to come to this world where I lost my memories and was in total amnesia. My forgetfulness has always been a part of me, yet I had to record every single thing here on Mother Earth so […]

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Revealing The Secret of Miracle

Beloved Heart, After a crazy upgrading since last week, I am going to reveal a shocking news. Miracle is not just me, my higher self, she is in truth, my Divine Mother. And Ryder is her twin flame, my Divine Father. And Beloved Divine Father God is my grandpa. Yeah, this sounds unbelievable, but it’s […]

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