Upon The Throne, I Sit.

Beloved Hearts,

I felt that it might be appropriate to enlighten you on what personal inner vibration is and how I master my personal inner vibration. I don’t want to go so deep into it since there are already heaps of articles out there on how to raise your vibration.

Many of you might have already known about energy, vibration, attraction, and frequency. We are Starseeds from many star-systems, galaxies and even planets from our own solar-system, we are of differents color of lights that made up a whole spectrum of the Rainbow colors and even more. But we are still from the same light essence, the divine light.

Many of us are born as innate Empaths. Yes, Empaths are proven to be the highly sensitive ones and more or less the forgotten ones in the society, but the waves of light which vibrate from our fellow brothers and sisters – they are the pioneers of light that have helped to penetrate the darkness so that more income of solar energy from the central sun is easily reached and absorbed by us Starseed’s and it has helped to wake us up from the nightmare.

Many of us have felt alienated and different from those who are not overly sensitive like us. But the time to shine has dawned upon us because Mother Gaia is in a transition process from the 3rd and 4th Dimension reality into the 5th Dimension reality.

I am here now living in Lemurian reality, ancient reality and a mix of modern style, 5D reality, New Earth, because of my high ability to connect with Mother Gaia and the higher realms. My personal inner vibration makes it possible to connect and sense the change rapidly while I maintain my physical body (vehicle) and commune with my light body daily.

My personal inner vibration is to honor my true self to be in charge of what she needs and wants. Maintain my private space, be clear on my boundaries, groom myself daily, eat what the physical body craves (unhealthy or healthy way without judgment or critic.) Always speak truthfully about how I feel regardless of how people feel and think about my truth.

I had to clear all co-dependent attachments in my life with my family and friends. Some may not be cut off easily right away, but it doesn’t mean you have to either. Some relationship will be cut off easily other will be strengthened or renewed, it depends on the situation and how you feel about that person, but with the empathy and a keen intellect skill on a heart to heart communication I managed to negotiate on how I want things to turn out for both involved in the situation. It’s a win-win situation.

When I let the synchronicity leads me to my inner calling by following the guiding signs from my guides and the Universe without doubt or fear. My inner calling reflects who I am outward, thus my personal vibration will also shine through since everything I attract into my life is for my highest good. From the clothes, I wear to what I eat. My habits changed and the “laziness” seems to just vanish from my mind. Songs that resonate with me uplift my frequency to attract more of what I am.

The quote of Dr. Wayne Dyer said it perfectly well.

This picture was posted by his daughter Skye Dyer on Instagram. I don’t like to steal, and I always honor others people’s inspiring work to uplift every one of us on our journey, I am giving the credit back to her by linking her web page and Instagram above. Please, do visit her page and send her angelic message of love.



When I let the sacred divine feminine in me shine through, communing with her daily, she will help me to encompass my human-self with wisdom and unconditional love, the divine masculine within me will be balanced and honor the Goddess within me, and I use my internal guidance system to navigate me through life, bumps or challenges, I can work through them without the need to judge myself or blame others for how I feel.

I can hear messages that are sent to me through songs, it doesn’t hinder me to feel and tune into the message whether they are with English lyrics, instrumental music or songs from different countries. I go international. *laughing* I have a broad taste in music, I will share them with you, maybe it will also inspire you to listen more attentively to the messages through songs that uplift you and set your spirit on a higher note.

So my personal inner vibration is to let the uniqueness of my being shine forth, I will do whatever it takes to be who I am daily, and not let the behaviors of the world clouding my vision to create Heaven on Earth. The uniqueness of my being is to do things my own way at my own pace, with the appropriate rhythm which could be a bit or very erratic for those who doesn’t understand that an angelic butterfly can’t “stay” still for too long.

I sought for unconditional love and freedom, and I found it within me,  I am the unconditional love and freedom, I am the answers to my prayers and now it’s time for me to give you back to yourself with the help of the unconditional love I have within me and above me.

With the help of unconditional love, peace, harmony, and balance that I embody, I will make the impossible possible.

Don’t believe me? Well, I have witnessed every where I delivered my treasure within my heart to her, I flew with pegasus wings and entrust her with my Queendom of Heaven, a legacy to my beloved, I brought waves of delight to my Oath of God. The Goddess of Satisfaction, She is POWERFUL, she can see THROUGH your BULLSHIT with her Presence alone just so you know, a bit forgetful, but it’s ok, I am too, hihi.

I have proof everywhere!

The Blue Ray One Beings on earth Part 1


Many of you know I am living alone at the moment! And that’s the purpose for this DIVINE intermission. The Elemental Kingdom, Mineral kingdom, Animal Kingdom, I OVERSEE AND GUARD THEM ALL!!! The way you treat my beloved dog pets makes ME so furious, so you think that you have a pet and you would drag them and control them so that they can go at you accord? Well, it’s nice that you will not let them run out the streets, traffic by guiding them, but once you take them out? What did you do??? Drag with force and drag them AROUND, do you know I have been crying my eyes out because they are sad and unhappy?? They’re shivering with fears, and not to speak, getting abusive and angry themselves. That’s not in their nature to be that way. They are loving and peaceful. They just want to sit on your laps and being cradled, they want to roam free and smell the flowers, eat some grass or looking at the ocean with you! Because you sit one place, watching the TV all days, and now you gonna go out and actually to let them do their business, so they don’t ruin your carpet or dirty your white pants etc??? And why, what? You also lock them in the bathroom all day with some foods and water, when you go to work and be away all day??? Are you so busy then don’t have animal spirit as a pet! They are my children as well.. my friends, my ALL. And sure, sometimes you have to lock them inside, that’s fine. You don’t know how to love yourself, that’s why it’s difficult to understand animals so to speak. They do telepathically talk to me… every one of them sacrifices themselves for you to consume, but what do you do?

YOU ACTUALLY Kill for pleasure? You think monkey brain can give you good nutritious?? And not just that, you actually cut their head in half while they’re still alive?? What the fuck? Are you MONSTERS??? DO YOU KNOW I HAD TO WEEP BECAUSE OF THEM EACH NIGHT??

Horn?? You sell them, and what you kill my rhinoceros too? Selling their precious attribute that my Beloved Divine Father God gives them?? You want to destroy everything? DO you want a home?? Or do you want to vanish into the oblivion?? Because you know what, I have talked to Lucifera! And I am not going to let my beloveds walk the earth harmed anymore!

My beloved spirit animal was so happy to see me! Look at that face, because it knows.


They do telepathically talk to me, they sacrifice themselves so you can consume them, but you just kill recklessly to make more money, to poison my beloveds! And you even cut down trees to farm so more cows or whatever meat you want to eat?? Well, I have talked to the Plant Kingdom, the spirit tree spoke to me and through me!

The Tree Spoke:
How can we keep everyone alive if we are supposed to die?”

You cut down lots and lots of forest, jungle etc.. you hurt my animal kingdom too! Tigers, Whales, Fish EVERY being is one with ME. I can feel them all!


You are even so bold as to do black witch craft!!! Slay my aboriginal children, and used their limbs, because they have white pigment skins. Because they are rare you think they can bring you good luck? Are you fucking kidding me? My beloved father God bring me here, IT’S GOOD LUCK FOR YOU! If you don’t REPENT!!! And ask for forgiveness and call upon Archangel Michael and St.germain and every Archangels to heal and actually all benevolence E.T to save your ass, then I am sorry, I am going to have to blow the whole things up, then you will have no home to live, I am dying with my beloved sacred mother if she is going to die!

Yeah, I do threats, and that’s because I KNOW. I FEEL AND I SEE!!! DEEPLY! I am not ULTRA for nothing hon!

Another thing you have to know, 144000, I am one of them, just so you know, have you read the book of The Revelation Of John The Divine? Well here, read it. And Ancient Day, my Lord, Sanat Kumara, the Father of love and light and the BRAVE and HERO one who came to this dense place of Earth to save your asses, well, he gives me direction, that I will have to let you know, that my Merkaba was poisoned, so it was difficult to travel through, but it’s all good now. Don’t believe me??? Here’s another proof, 144000 light bearer from Venus 


Beaming you with love and light
Miracle, The True LIBRA Seraphim,
Child of Goddess Venus and Sanat Kumara.

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