The Joy of Being A Seraphim, A Miracle.

Beloved Heart,

amaia amara bøker

My tendency to self-studying brings me great joy. Since I don’t like routines and I have my own somewhat erratic rhythms. That’s why I feel restricted if I have to learn or do something by following step by step. Having the same thing playing out in my life every day would be like torturing my soul, and for me, it’s quite annoying to live that way. And frankly, very boring too.

In the past when I tried to follow instructions on how to study or do things, I got so annoyed and frustrated with myself, because I felt it wasn’t me, it’s kind of rigid and inflexible to my body and mind. And the truth is my self-expression on “doing” things stem from the heart and being that way is like living as a poet.

There’s nothing natural by following “order” or be “dictated,” but don’t misunderstand me. I am organizing in my way, and I do follow “order,” and I can be “dictated” to do things, but all comes from the heart, inspiration that comes from the inner being of my soul, not because some “guru” or “teacher” said so. For me, some of what they taught didn’t resonate with me, so I didn’t follow through after I have tried a few times and “failed.” And I know as a star person living in another galaxy or star-system, we don’t have a physical body to have to tend to in the same way here on earth.

I honor my body and will always follow the natural rhythm of it, and the way I eat, sleep and rest differ a lot from the way people usually do things in their every day lives.

Foods and eating healthily (the shape of the body):

In the early years of my life, I was extremely depressed, since I somehow dislike to eat foods and I was sluggish to chew (I always took my time to chew, and still do so. I have observed the way most people eat their foods, and they usually stress a lot when they sit down and eat a meal, they swallow their foods as if they need to go somewhere fast after finish it. I was usually the last one to finish my meals when I was going out for a meal with my friends and family. I am not good at multi-tasking, and I suffered from chronic sinusitis which makes it difficult for me to eat, breathe, speak and listen at the same time, so I would always zoom in when they talk and listen attentively, while I let my meal get cold and distasteful.

Did I get annoyed? Not much annoyed, but I always felt embarrassed when they asked:

“Why don’t you eat?”

Usually, I just smiled and forced myself to eat just to be less humiliated by the feelings that I was unable to speak up. But if I could express myself loudly that time I would say:

“I was listening to you, and for me it’s rude when I don’t listen carefully to what people are saying, not to mention that I have chronic sinusitis that makes it difficult to breathe through the nose while having a mouthful of food I need to chew and then swallow. I can’t multitask, even though I am a multi-dimensional being.”

And I find it difficult to swallow solid foods, but since I had to adapt to the life in the 3D world, planet earth, I ate, but slowly and reluctant. I wasn’t delighted. And when I read this, I understand why.

“Many become depressed. Many do not adapt to our way of life. Some find it difficult to speak, and some are unable to eat our foods.”


When I figured out that it is ok for me to be who I am, and that it’s not disrespectful or careless to attend to my own needs and wants first, I was able to enjoy foods more, and I don’t eat just to eat or to fill an empty void.

I eat because my body craves something that it needs for nourishment. I don’t eat candy, snacks or artificial sugar, if I want something sweet, I will eat an apple or blueberries – they’re fresh and have lots of healthy sugar in them which will give me better energy. I don’t go on a strict diet, or have to commit to a way of eating “healthy fully.”

I let my body decide what is best for it, and I allow myself to enjoy my foods without judging and be grateful for the foods Mother Earth serve me. Sometimes I don’t crave anything because the body needs to cleanse from toxic, I would just drink a lot of water for a few days, and that would suffice.

The choice I make in my everyday life now is for my highest good, and it reflects my inner essence of being, healthy way is to have a healthy balance of everything and enjoy.

In early years, many have commented that my body was thin or I was skinny, at that time my self-image was disordered. It was because of the belief of how beauty should be like when it comes to a healthy body etc. made me incredibly sad and depressed. I hated the reflection in the mirror, and the mirror reflected an unattractive body that wasn’t in good fit or beautiful shaped, sometimes I loathed myself for looking into the mirror, at times I wondered what purpose it was to have mirrors. But only to look in the eyes and see my soul reflected back at me my beauty.

When I read what Doreen Virtue wrote on her blog about incarnated Angels and Star people, made me understand why my body is the way it is.

“Most incarnated star people have small bones, and are thin and short in stature.”

– Doreen Virtue

Besides, everyone is beautiful whatever shape their bodies have, so why do we have to look in the mirror and believe in the thoughts of critics, judgments or comments about our body? And our looks? Because the media portray “perfect” body or “perfect” face, images of celebrities, etc. have bombarded our mind and disordered our beliefs on how beauty should be like and what is attractive for us when it comes to outer appearance. Do you for a second believe they are happy, just because it sells and they makes money?

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

– Khalil Gibran

And when I let my light shine through, I groom myself and tend to my body, I adorned it with silky garments in soft color and pampered it with lovely fragrant soaps. I can be extravagant, and usually, don’t wait for sales, *laughing.*

But of course, sales will flow into my awareness when I know what I need and why I need it, the universe supports me in many ways, always give me what I want, because I have clear and pure intentions and because it knows who I am. In reality, there are universal laws to follow. The law of attraction is one of them, but not all that teaches is fitting, because, you can ask, but if you don’t align with who you are, then I am not sure if you get it on divine timing.

I love Abraham Hicks. It resonates with me more than anything else. And also, because I am aligning with the Cosmic mother, Heavenly Father, Gods and Goddesses, Christ Yeshua, Archangels Michael, Buddha and all Angels, and every one of them is in my Heart-Space Sanctuary as if they are myself. I align with the truth of being I AM, THAT I AM.

A flow of energy will flow into my life because I don’t squander money without balance and most are for the benefit of serving the Divine within me, which is also to serve humanity. And it’s not always money that will flow into my awareness, it’s free courses, free ebook, others awakened Starseed’s free readings etc. All the things I need to fulfill my Divine mission in elegance and grace.

I live in a modern age, a golden age right now, I don’t have to think of “being” spiritual in “old fashion” way, besides who can claim that you aren’t spiritual if you do things in your way when you live in a modern age? We all are spiritual, *laughing*. So there’s no fun if everyone is doing the same thing or dress alike. Your divine self will direct you to that which resonates with your inner being.

Being spiritual is to connect to Source, our internal source, the divine in you. Besides, being divine is being royalty, if you don’t take care or adorn your body with silky garments or pampered it with fragrant, nice soaps, or dress cleanly and tidily, then how can you feel that you match up with that divine in you?

Your body is the shelter to your soul, so why can’t you treat it nicely and take care of it? How can you then feel beautiful and satisfied with how your body shape and how your face appear?

Maybe you can see yourself in my place when you believe in the power of pure feelings and pure thoughts which match up with your intentions. You will feel so beautiful and loved for how you look and the shape of your body when you grow beautiful thoughts in your mind. Think and affirm light and loving thoughts, not just for one day, but every day throughout your life.

“Don’t judge people by their appearance or what they wear. They might be an unpolished diamond, more unique than they appear.”

– Miracle


I don’t usually sleep at night, and I will always sleep when my body needs sleep, so often, it will sleep at odd hours, especially when everyone is rising with the sun and going on with their busy day. But I have so much energy now that I can just bounce up from my bed and be who I am and do what inspires me. All the ideas I have will realize, because, I don’t waste time in holding back out of fear.

In my early years, people thought I was lazy or depress, but actually, my body just needed a lot of sleep.

The main reason was that it was doing a lot of transmuting negative energy into light, and it was also because I felt so tired all the time for all the bombarding of lower energy. Problems people dumped on me, or I was carrying their baggage without realizing that I was doing it, on top of that I had my own “issues” and “problems” I need to take care.

Sometimes I read books about how I should discipline myself. Waking up early in the morning to meditate or sleep at 10:00 PM and wake up 8:00 AM in the morning, that I would be more energetic enough if I could have 8 hours of sleep. I believed that they were right, but to my surprise, I just loathed myself even more, and thought to myself, “I am useless, I can’t even be disciplined enough and follow what I was instructed to do.”

There are so many tips out there when it comes to having a good sleep at night, but none of that fit into my reality or sleep pattern.

I was blind to the fact that I was different in a positive way, and not a “negative” way like most people would have me believe. And this article cleared a lot of false beliefs about who I am, and how it should be when it comes to “sleep.”

4. Genuinely more aware and mentally active at night.

Being celestial is connected with heavenly concepts, including things that are related to space; the moon, the stars and the universe. It refers to all things ethereal and immortal. Those who are of Celestial nature will experience different feelings at night, from time to time. They receive energy from viewing the planets, the stars, and the moon. Celestial beings experience an increase of mental activity and a heightened psychic energy in the late hours, between 2-4 AM.


So if I receive information from my star family at night, I will telepathically talk to them and decode the information I am receiving. Besides, it’s my way to “work” (love), when it’s quiet at night, I can let my creativity flourish by writing down the inspiration I get from the infinite beings; Ascended masters, Angels, Goddess, Gods, Source, Creator, etc. It’s all love and love can have many names. The stars, the moon and the mystique of the night are enchanting. Being from the Star and being a member of the Angelic realms is that way, I can’t live a mundane life without star and moon gazing. And when my body needs 12 hours of sleep, then it will get 12 hours of sleep, and when my mind is active and needs me to listen, then I will listen.

The Way I Rest:

I don’t actually “rest” because when I truly rest is when the body needs to sleep, but even so, I would be astral traveling somewhere or working in my dreams state. But if you would know how I rest, then I would let you know.

Usually, I would lie in bed with a book I am interested in while listening to some soothing music, songs, and texts that nourish my mind and soul. I would go for a walk with headphone on with music that gives me a sense of peace and happiness, I will be in nature alone while looking at the sky, or close my eyes doing nothing, and let my body be while I focus on my breathing. Rest for me is to spend time alone in solitude.

Most people would watch TV or dramas, Hollywood shows, etc. it’s nothing wrong with that, but since childhood, I didn’t spend much time watching tv, even if I had, I would watch something light. Something that inspired me, and just reminded me of who I am. Disney movies were my favorite, ancient Chinese dramas, whatever has something with magic, undying love and Celestials were the things for me. I would watch the same favorite lines over, again and again, same romantic scene several times and never gets bored.

But as I am awake now I don’t spend time watching those anymore, because I am working tirelessly to fulfill my soul-mission.

I never bother to watch tv-programs, and never missed the tv. I spent more time on my MacBook more than sitting in front of a TV, and I don’t own one either, it cost too much anyway.

Most often when people have time, they would go out for a drink on the weekend or catch up with friends while having dinner. It’s nothing wrong with that either, but for me, it’s not resting, because I would be using my energy to “heal” the person I am interacting with anyway.

Since not many would spend time in stillness, sitting quietly in that space while being in the company of another, I would rather spend my time alone. So if you want to “rest” with me, then don’t speak. *Laughing.*

We all do things differently, why not honor ourselves for that?

With Love,
Miracle, The Seraphim.

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