I Love My Sacred Mother Earth

My Divine Mother corrected me,
She turned me into a warrior
And not a softy –
Who would cry
in front of the enemy.

She taught me to endure pain,
So now my pleasure I will gain.

My Cosmic Mother corrected me,
She never broke my limbs
But straightened my backbone
even my body is slim.

She prepared me for the world
And be the girl,
Whom hunger for my soul’s treasures –
Sapphire, pearls, and gold.

My Goddess Venus mother protected me,
She led me to a path no one dares to see.

She taught me –
The way of being a prey
To men’s sexual drive –
Is to turn a blind eye
And how to recover from my sexuality
to be a sovereign being with integrity.

My Mother Mary, she upgraded me,
Now she no longer need to be overprotective,
but only be proud of me.

I am a Queen,
A Warrior Goddess with sword of light
and love as the way to fight.

My voice is like thunder,
my love is like lightning –

“I commend all women of the wake of life –
to rise to the Sacred Divine feminine, they possess inside!”

Miracle, The Supreme Seraphim. 

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