Don’t Bullshit With Me! I Have Cosmic Nose!

I SMELLED THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE HUMAN BEINGS IN THE AIR!! Flesh that has been burned, you actually think you can get away with installing wars everywhere in the world and burned down everything and I would not smell it? Are you stupid? I am COSMIC! I am the Universe, I AM the Daughter of the SUN!

Btw? Because you put some implantations on me you think I would not wake up? And actually, get going with my work and busted you? Because hon, don’t mess with a Supreme Royalty! You think you are more royalty than me? You are just so fake that it’s sick! Eating children, drinking blood, making rituals? Phedofile and incest. YOU really don’t want a home to live on right? OK, then I will ask my army of ALL ARCHANGELS and warriors to send you OUT, EXIT! If you don’t stop and leave my children and grandchildren alone and stop with poisoning the air with chemtrails, and spilled oils on the oceans… actually you pollute the sacred water, the living deva water! Make water taste like ass and warm! Do you know how my beloved has to wait many many precious minutes to run the tap water??

OK, if my nose is still clogged and I actually haven’t smelled the fresh air of sacredness, then I am not going to forgive you, ok, maybe I do, BUT I DON’T EVER forget! I have the superpower, my recording cam is very sharp! I REMEMBER EVERY MOMENT OF THE LIFE I HAVE HERE ON MY SACRED MOTHER EARTH. So you better rebuke and go with the light now, go back to where you belong, to your own dimensions. Or else……… POFF!! YOU WILL DIE! And never to return, ever. Oblivion you know.

Mark my WORDS!




Who’s the judge now? Who’s the ruler now? ME ME, I AM, I AM, THAT I AM.


Note by William Star: 

What else can we do? We can pray for the finding and enlightenment of the 144,000 who have not ascended. We can pray that they fulfill the requirements for their ascension:

the fulfillment of their divine plan,
the working out of at least 51% of their karma,
the balancing of their three-fold flame,
the resolving of their psychology, and
that they desire the ascension.

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