Animal Totem, My Spirit Squirrel Friend.

This is another PROOF! I have seen Squirrel so many times now that it’s like a reminder!

I have also fed my beloved Sparrow few times at the Park while eating alone, and they are actually from my Beloved Goddess Venus, Aphrodite. They know me!

“I decided to take my usual stroll and while walking through the same path to Badedammen, a little flash of a being jump near the fence on my left side, curious as I am, I had to turn my head and take a look. And what a joy to behold.

This little spirit friend, the squirrel was standing at one place and let me took a picture of it. Of course, I had to walk very calmly towards it so not to frighten the little soul.

It’s a blessing encounter since the message is profound.

Squirrel Totem:

You are often resourceful and have a way of manifesting all the things you need in the present and for the future. You like to be prepared for all occasions and are ready to socialize at any given moment. People with squirrel energy are very good at balancing their lives with work and play.

Squirrel people tend to be a little erratic at times, often trying to do many things at once. Take the time to stop and listen to your inner self and focus on one thing at a time.


Ps. Thanks for letting me borrow your camera Nhi Ngoc Nguyen 😊

Always slow down when you take a stroll, or at least stay alert.

Yes. You think I am poor? Huh, then you don’t know the kingdom of my Beloved Father GOD! Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ who was, and is, and is to come.”

I don’t eat no crumbs, at least not anymore.

Ok, rest, reset… and a new beginning. Living in the moment of NOW.


ops, I did it again. 

RegineRegine (Norwegian name)

Betydning: Dronning (Queen)

Forklaring: Jentenavnet er en variant av Regina, som kommer fra et senlatinsk navn som betyr “dronning”.

Navnedag: 7. september


aaaand again,

Senlatin eller den senlatinske periode varte fra omtrent 200 e. Kr. til omtrent 600 e. Kr./700 e Kr og etterfølger den klassiske latinen.

Senlatinen inneholder en rekke vulgarismer. Den følges av middelalderlatin og romanske språk.

I manifest like crazy!

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