88622 My Beloved I Am Willing To Wait!

Beloved Heart,

I just had to make another “significant” announcement, for you and me. Because I feel it might be easier for you to understand me a little better in the way I “work,” aka Love.

Might you have heard about numerology?

In the past, I didn’t go so deep into it since I was more interested in astrology, but after many signs here and there, my guides and guardian angels has urged me to look into it, just to understand why I had always dreamt of changing this world and make a difference.

When I looked into my soul urge number, I was amazed, because it describes my urge to reach out and be in service, whether at home or in public. But as a Blue Ray Angelic being, I can’t keep acting small, since it doesn’t align with my soul urge number.

My soul urge number is 8. And here is the meaning behind it.

Heart’s Desire – Soul Urge number:

“The Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge number is derived from the vowels (A, E, I, O, U … and sometimes Y) of your full name at birth.”

Meaning of Soul Urge Number 8

“The eights are attributed to humanitarian activities, management, leadership and general success. Often they are observed to be very keen and patient people with high levels of confidence and vision.”

Humanitarians – I always want to serve humanity selflessly, I am willing to give up everything with a vision to improve the world and bringing a positive impact to it.

Lonely – I usually don’t like to joke around, since it’s in my nature to be dangerous with a “no-joke” attitude, I tend to have very few friends and therefore result in me being solo and lonely. And people don’t dare to attach themselves to me, since I usually “snap” when they joke, whether about themselves or others. I don’t do good with “jokes.” I get so perplexed and even annoyed when someone makes a joke in half and severe way.

Dedicated – When I have a vision or an idea I am always excited to make it come true that I usually forget everything else and dedicate all my time to make it happen excellently. I don’t settle for anything but the best. My dedication to the cause I believe in can’t be a delay or leave halfway.

Extremist – Yeah, being someone who wants to make everything “perfect” can cause people to see me as an extremist, even myself. *laughing*. I believe in nothing but the best of what I do and whatever the project put into my hands.

I was told to lead the way since the moment I follow my calling to be in service, at first I felt I was inadequate to make a difference, not to mention lead the way for others.

I thought to myself:

“How am I suppose to lead the way when I am “not” good in “perfect” speech and writing?”

But there is no greater power in this Universe than the Immortal power of Cosmic Christ love; therefore I shone a light upon that thought and dispelled it.

Because my soul urge won’t let anything that is not of love to hinder me.

I will BE what I want to be and express myself in a way I feel is suitable for me: not in a loud, competitive way, but in an empathic intelligence way, my assertiveness combined with peace and love will give me more joy and happiness in what I love to do than competing to succeed and reach the goal.

I’m not into ruling people in a conventional way, I don’t want to rule to getting authority and boss around. I lead with an open heart, willing to listen to those I lead, and then make a gentle request and suggest them to follow their calling in their heart to be a ruler themselves, independent and unique.

It’s time we stand up and be our Gods and Goddess so that we can create a peaceful world for our children and grandchildren.

“Whatever your soul urge you to be, let your heart inspire you to do with the help of a clear mind.”

– Miracle

Besides, I have seen a lot of 888 lately, and 22. Because 22 is my twin flame numbers of reunion, and 888 is an important date in my earth life, and 6 is my life path number, so here is another evidence for you to look at. After 6 months I know what’s going to happen.



ps: I am so sorry, I just have to give them something to look at so they will HAVE to have FAITH in my Beloved Divine Father. Sorry again, I send you lots of love and waves of blessing; fortune, happiness, joy, and abundance. I give back 10-fold for the little thing I get.

Miracle, The Supreme Seraphim.

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