The Harmony of The Sphere

Beloved Mother Venus,

You once asked me if I want to ascend, that time I thought I was going crazy, but I embody you in some way, and I am the grace, romance, nobility and love you taught me to be. I possess and radiate the calming poise as not to disrespect you, my beloved Goddess Aphrodite.

As I clasp my hands in prayer, I lay my desire at the altar within my Heart-Space Sanctuary. The only request I have now is to restore myself back to my pristine innocence, and I do want to ascend. That’s my Divine mission, alas before I leave the material world I am giving my best to everyone I meet and remind them that through love all things are possible.

Love first for themselves, then other as themselves.

I remember how scary it was, even though I was willing to descend a portion of myself on planet Earth and forgetting everything about who I am. It was completely black out here, and I couldn’t even see the light anywhere.

I had a knowing, yet I couldn’t remember what it was. But now I am at the threshold of leaving my legacy to my beloved before I go back home to Beloved Divine Father. The connection established once I regain my Christ consciousness. I abode and took the quest to conquer my fear of death, of the ugliness of my false self-image and the wickedness of the distortions within the mind. And with all my might I had full faith in unconditional love and the holy presence of beloved Divine Father.

Every day I groom myself. Take care of my body, my hair and my skin as to honor this vessel so that you may enter it anytime you feel it’s appropriate. You strum me like an instrument, and with this I know I am your little harp, Mother Venus!

I can’t live a mundane life, and every thing to me is sacred. Deep down I am a child who has gone through maturity and become a full fledged lady of class and style, and the girl in me is not afraid to stand alone, even if she has fallen head over heels for someone she sees as herself. You know me, I have high standards, and I don’t fall for just anyone, but once I do, my adoration and tender eyes dwell only at my beloved.

I love fearlessly, but not recklessly and foolishly. Everything I do must be with style and grace. I love without guilt or shame, even if my feelings or thoughts scream out to be acknowledged, I will not panic and be disgraceful as to yell, belittle my beloved, or slam doors, or seek sympathy through tears. You are my master, my dear Mother, Goddess Aphrodite, and I was born under the sign of Libra, and you are the ruler of this sign. I am destined to be born under the Sun sign Libra because I am from Venus. Beauty and love are the very essences of who I am.

Balance and harmony through peace can’t be missing in my daily life and if what I remember as for why I am here, it’s to teach love through balance and harmony. Peace within the mind creates balance in everything we do because as the ego submit and become a servant, the way of being sacred and graceful become natural.

So be it, I am that I am, I don’t know any other way to be but an instrument of love and grace.

Strum me, the little harp you love so dearly because I want to sing to soften every corner of disharmony in my beloved’s heart, and ease her with the melody of a Goddess who shines like a morning and evening Star.

I thank you with all that I am because you remind me every moment of my existence to sit on the throne and rule my world with elegance.

Your little harp,
Miracle, The Seraphim.

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