O’God I Thank Thee

For showing me mercy when my hunger for love makes me mad.
Who gives me time to gather the shattered me
so I once again can feel completely whole.

Who never needs me to make your day better,
but by sharing better days with me.
Who trusts me and let me alone to myself
so I can learn all of my mistakes.
Who forgives me everytime I make a mistake
and still, embraces me in the time of need.

With the grace of your compassion as my beloved Father,
You always listen so patiently,
and shows me kindness every time my patience runs out,
and I gets angry.

When I cry out in bewilderment,
you will in silent hear me weep without giving advice,
but stay near to offer me your shoulder to lean on.

I am forever grateful that you never abandon me to myself
and always lift me up whenever I am too tired to walk the path
solemnly for the sake of love.

Whatever sins I made, you always assured me that you forgive me once I repented
and asked for your help.

Beloved Father God,
I am afraid that I am going to lose myself –
tonight I pray I may not.
Please, Father, let me rest in the knowledge that you are always there,
not only here but everywhere to remind me of who I am.

Your beloved Daughter,
Miracle, The Seraphim.

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