Time Is An Illusion

Beloved Heart,

Many of us are stressed out because of time, but time does not exist in the spiritual world, it’s something that our mind is creating, trying to capture us by rocking us back and forth, back and forth from the past to the future.

Sometimes we will be fooled by our thoughts, thoughts that claim us to be unworthy, but if you can examine it closer, and ask for clarity, you will know that it’s not true. Do not believe in them thoughts which tell you that you’re unworthy and undeserving of unconditional love.

As we are here on planet earth, we will have to go through density and myriad of feelings will reflect back to us, because the soul communicates to us through feelings.

Everybody is worthy with every feeling they might have towards something or someone, whatever feeling we might carry within us. As you’re here now, I suggest that you observe your thoughts and let yourself merge into oneness love within your heart. Feelings are beautiful, in a sense, they are. Without them, we’ll be running like a wrecked machines. Wouldn’t we? Living life on auto-pilot disempowers us. That’s why our soul speaks to us through feelings to navigate us through life experiences.

We tend to go against ourselves and create separation between the people we love and us. But it’s not necessary anymore as we are moving into 5th-dimensional reality. It’s time for us to live from our heart and let the next generation be free from duality and ego perception of right and wrong.

You’re likely to cost yourself injuries if you’re not aware of what you’re thinking. Instead of judging your thoughts, or the way you’re feeling, you can choose to accept them and release them from your conscious. It’s more than ok to have feelings because it’s not inhuman to have feelings, it’s the very thing that makes us capable of love because of our feelings as a human being. Some reality would be difficult to accept as more truth are coming on the front line to be released, and your comfort zone will expand since it’s your birthright to be able to roam the world and explore freely. You have lived for so long in an imprisoned cage with disordered beliefs of who you are.

It’s time to see yourself as a Divine being and accept yourself for who you are. If we don’t accept ourselves for who we are, I’m sure that it’s difficult to accept others as who they are.

I know many lonely souls have not yet awakened to the truth, but there’s Divine timing for everyone and everything.

Many are very friendly and trying to help out and be there for their loved ones, without knowing that they can raise themselves up to a higher level by breaking free from their thoughts, thus help their loved ones by living as an example. Be the master of your life.

We’re lucky to be able to witness mass awakening as we’re moving into 5D reality – and the heart perception where there’s only oneness love.

There’s no need to isolate yourself in fear that people might not accept you as who you are. Master don’t make a plan and claim to go through the procedure to prevent chaos. Being a master is to acknowledge and accept whatever that comes his/her way.

You can still be with others, even though you might not feels like talking all the time. If you can do your best to strike a balance between being humble and confident, then you will feel in total harmony with yourself. Be humble yet confident in who you are at the same time.

To be your true self, are the best you can be and whoever you once were, can’t be compared to who you choose to be from moment to moment. You do make a difference in this world, and you’re playing a part of the mass awakening, and I’m glad you’re here reading this words.

I humbly request and urge you to live in your heart and love yourself as who you are instead of trying to do something, to be someone, so that others could love you. You’re the love that God has bestowed upon Mother Earth. Take pride in it and be honored for the choice you make by being here at this time and age.

You’re worthy of unconditional love, and Divine Father God and Mother Earth (Gaia) loves you.

The time ahead will be overly difficult to sleep, and if you’re going through sleepless nights just remember to give thanks to God, be grateful for the changes ahead. There will not be bitter thoughts of what’s wrong or what’s right, or who has wronged who, once you live entirely in the heart. Old memories and past hurt will likely surface to be released, and it’s for you to heal your wounds. Don’t try to resist the change ahead, what you resist will persist. Old programs in your mind about who you are doesn’t serve you any longer, and it can’t stay for long since you deserve so much more than what you have been taught to believe in the past.

We all do our best from what we are capable of in any given moment. Letting go of the old doesn’t mean to give up your life. All you need to let go of is the illusion of separation and unworthiness, letting go, doesn’t mean that you give up on living.





The past
The future

If time was real, then it’s only a perception of how time is being created in our mind to help us to make sense of it.

To me, there’s the beginning of time. There’s an ending. From the beginning to the end, there’s the middle part of life. The beginning is our past (the time we were born). The ending is our future (the time where we’re going to die). And in the between, the middle part of our lives is our present moment of now. NOW. ALWAYS NOW…

I live now.
You live now.
We all live now.

Define time if you must in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, the past and even the future, but you can never cease to exist NOW.

Time only exists in our mind, but if we concentrate our mind in the present moment, there will only be now. No man will ever get lost in the material world. He will only get lost in his mind; in a sea of illusory thoughts that create time.

We can live in the past, present, and future in one moment of now.
It’s all in our mind.

Do your best to declutter, release and let go of the things which not serve you and your future. How we envision the reality in our mind will make us feel either fearful or joyous. Visionary dreams create endless of possibilities for peace and love to prevail on planet Earth.

It’s nothing wrong fantasizing how to live your life the way you want. But I do recommend you to create and fantasize from the place of joy and love in your heart.

With peace, I leave you,
Miracle, the Seraphim.

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