The Yearning of Oneself

I found myself back then
Looking for answers I couldn’t seem to find
I searched high and low,
And it was never a day I wasn’t on the go
I’ve always tried my best to smile
Even when tears were near to went dry.

Every day was nearly a pain,
Suffocated in my frustration and despair
I never thought it could hurt so much inside
And whatever that was, the old me she used to cry.

Tears were falling down her face
She was always hiding alone
And wished to be replaced by someone else
Just to get away from this meaningless world.

The old me was always too frustrated to know better
But since she got more time to think, she pulled herself together
The question wasn’t about who she’s trying to be
But if she dares to be herself deep down inside.

The old me
She yearned to be me.

– Miracle, the Seraphim.

5 Comments on “The Yearning of Oneself

  1. are you on drugs or do you speak with the source weaver of creation in it’s timeless knowing. I had a connection with it once but my heart wasn’t ready and it couldn’t use me the way I viewed myself in my worlds perspective. I like what you say though it is truth.

    • The only drugs I have taken is unconditional love for my beloved, the intoxication of love to someone you love as yourself. The heart yearns nothing but to love, and the mind must be clear to get Divine messages from above, and all you have got to do, is taking a leap of faith. I understand you weren’t ready that time. If you ever would like, we can exchange e-mail, and I can explain more to you in private.

      Love your Soul Sistar, Miracle.

  2. ok if you would explain more I’m ready to listen. think I may judge myself to much it causes me to stay back from moving forward with any purpose I might have passing by me and don’t do anything about because I think maybe others are taking things as serious as me and I might ruin lives by being to shy to take action when it counts. I need to breath and let go of hesitation I know that. I need to be good to myself. I feel like a powerful force of nature somtimes. but I can still get hurt and dealing with the pain I cause myself by holding all this tension in my body is more real as time goes on it grows into physical pain. hope you are blessed and be good to yourself.

  3. I’m not sure what to do the message in my email says to set up a WordPress account I can do that if I need to don’t know we’re it will lead me to might need more time. I don’t want to fill up your page here with ramblings my email is I am on facebook Geoff culp.

  4. Soul brother, Geoffry.

    That’s the thing about us who are so meek and sensitive. We tend to be our judge and the most brutal critic. And because of it, we may have to hide our light because we were afraid other wouldn’t accept us for who we are. So we become the people pleaser.

    But, you know what.

    Accepting comes first with ourselves. Do always seek to love better, and nothing is better than to love yourself unconditionally. I know that people think loving yourself is being selfish and all that, but you know what, if we don’t be able to love ourselves
    unconditionally, then, how could we love anyone unconditionally? I will always say sorry to myself if I make a mistake, and, I love you when I do something good, and if I do myself a favor, I will say thank you. And I respect myself and honor myself because the altar within my heart is Divine.

    And all this I do to myself, I do to other. Because, the divine in my heart, is the divinity in each living being.

    What I have been told and take to heart by all of my ascended masters, angels, archangels you name it. It’s to have self-compassion, self-worth, and self-love. I would never harm my body, if I ever feel hurt, I would go and have a good cry alone, and then bounce back being myself. I don’t know how your living situation is, but, pain is when you allow others to hurt you. Healthy boundaries and well, do what inspires you, mostly what you have been feeling to do. I choose to BE, BEing love.

    I don’t hope or harbor thoughts to impress others by doing something like the rest of the world. You must always remember your dreams, and don’t give up. Rest if that’s what you need. Listen to your heart and the voice that encourages you within. Do takes to heart what you fear, and examine it. I don’t let any fear stops me from loving, and especially people I hold dear in my heart. I take responsibility for all my actions and repent and ask for forgiveness, even though no one has come to me and ask for forgiveness or say I am sorry. But that doesn’t matter to me, the final important thing for me is to create Heaven on Earth, by BEing the true me.

    I just know, if I lose myself, if I die, I will lose everything. So there’s nothing to risk. But of course, I don’t do reckless things, and I cherish my life and my body. You will have to let go of attachments of the old, and the boundaries must grow if it’s too small and release tension with healthy way. I rather send someone a letter or talk to them about how I feel. You can always do it with small steps if you are afraid to go all big. I am an extremist, and I do everything bold and creatively so to speak without holding back. I think you know in your heart what you want to do, how to live your life etc. Maybe you need a push? Encouragement? Physical pain will be better if you love every cell in your body. Judging yourself and criticizes yourself too much and hold all these negative feelings inside does harm the body very much. Please, I urge you, love it as if it’s your vehicle because it is, or else, how can you “travel” yourself through life?

    I love too deeply, that’s why I don’t want to let anyone talk me into changing my mind if I know what I do is right, because all I do is to love, unconditionally, others like myself, myself as others.

    I will write to you very soon. Thanks for connecting and for sharing your little story with me.

    Sending you love and light your way.

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