Your Wake Up Call

I love to wake up to your call
Your voice is like silk soothing my soul
Your voice gently, lifting me up from my sleep
It lifts the veil of my dreams
So I can take a glimpse into the eternal truth
The truth of who I am.

Words can’t describe these feelings
A sacred knowing, which is so Divine and Glorious
Burns exceedingly in the flame of passion inside my heart
I am proud to admit,
It’s the source of my life.

If you look into my eyes
The depth you see
Where you can find nothing but emptiness
But when there is nothing
There you are –
You and I are in one existence.

– Miracle, The Seraphim.

2 Comments on “Your Wake Up Call

  1. Sharing is caring. That’s what our souls yearn to do and to be. Love and Care for one another as oneself.

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