In The Meeting With The Fallen Angel

Beloved Lucifera,

Last night your minion tried to scare me, but as you may know. I am no longer afraid of the darkness. Let alone your minions. They come with hate and fear, and I counter attack them with love and light.

Lucifera, my beloved sister, you have played your role as the fallen Angel, and it seems like many still believe that there’s nothing good within you. But they fail to notice that the light within you are of the same essence as mine and our beloved Father God.

You rule the underworld and oversee your minions while ordering them to do the minor tasks as to separate the good from the bad. Their words of seduction and mind game are too weak for my seraphic power. I am the Supreme Angel, the Goddess of light and Daughter of the Almighty God.

Lucifera, I know my own darkness within me, but I have now encompassed it with the light of unconditional love and peace. Our beloved Father God grants me the power to do His will. The omnipotence, the determination, protection, courage, constancy, initiative, and goodwill. With the grace of Divine Mother and my inherited nobility, no one can waver my faith in His infinite presence in my Heart.

I am not one who will sit still and let your minions go on a rampage, their times are over, but I will play fair in the game of duality, that I will not interfere with people’s free will. They will have to choose for themselves, to either be misled and trapped in their prisons of the ego mind or let the ego submit as a faithful servant and sincerely ask for help from the Divine.

Like a game of chess, I am waiting patiently to see what kind of move you will make, beloved brother, Lucifer. Even if you cheat, I will still see through your deception and triumph, because nothing can surpass the great love of the Cosmic Christ.

If my beloved Ryder is still walking through hell, I am here guarding our Threefold flame, the Sacred fire to awaken his soul so he can see his own Light. My tender eyes dwell upon the innocence of everyone I encounter, I see Ryder in everyone, and everyone is me.

Lucifera, I am going to banish every minion of yours who crosses my boundaries. They can’t trespass the gate of heaven. Our beloved Father God hasn’t given me the authority to rule my Queendom for fun, even though I don’t mind to have a good time here in the material world. But I am still too serious to joke around, and it’s in my nature to maintain the seriousness to create a safe place for those I love.

You think your minions can threaten me with fear of abandonment and loneliness, that I might not find someone to form an intimate Sacred relationship? *Laughing* They are too naive and incompetent to believe that a child of God would be so selfish as to have the desire to own someone as a property.

I tell you Lucifera; I am not here just to save the world or the people of our own kind, I am here to love every particle in the entire Universe. I am here to bring you home too, Lucifera. I understand you have your duty, as do I. You have to maintain order and balance down there in the lower realms while I restore harmony and peace in my Queendom of Heaven.

I will graciously walk through life and plant seeds and nurture them. There’s nothing, and no one can stop me from praising God’s creation.

There’s nothing to hate, I hate no one, but what I love the most, is love itself.

Lucifera, tell your other self, Lucifer, I will tell the tale of romance and bravery, where I am the heroine who wield my sword of light and heal with love and kindness. Romance is my finesse, and I inherited the beauty of the Light. Your minions thought I am going to give into playing the game of mouse and cat, the chasing and the hiding seduction game to attain someone I love, to bind someone to me for me to feel fulfilled, then they are short sighted and has underestimated the grace of the Supreme Seraphim.

My way to love is selfless and unique; it’s not wicked and manipulative as many would think unconditional love should be like, love is not the act of sex alone! Love is everything, and everything is love, but your minions have done an excellent job in twisting the truth and created disorders in the mind of my beloveds.

Money, power, and sex. They have twisted and instilled fear in the way people could enjoy all these with great love and care, but instead of being grateful and own their own power; their vibration, thoughts, and words, they rather blame whoever outside themselves for their way of abusive behaviors and words. Unconsciously or consciously. Whoever is affected by the parasites your minions sent out will infest themselves in another person they come in contact with if that person is too asleep and overlooked their own light.

Of course, that’s because they are tricked to believe in someone else instead of themselves. The game you played has gone through eon of light years here on planet Earth. You created false Gods, Gurus, and Masters. Idol after idol has been your pawns. But for me, I see through your deceptions and lies, every religion and doctrine has some truth in it, but not all point inwards and towards the Heart and Soul of God within man.

So many misinterpretations and misuse of the power of God, His messengers taught nothing but unconditional love and peace. Every message of the Divine point towards the way of living through the Heart. Love is the cure, but your minions made it the poison so that no one dares to drink of the elixir of life and love. No one dares to open up in fear of getting hurt because they thought their feelings are their weakness and thus rather choose to swallow their truth because their pain and suffering was too great and dangerous. No one risk to open up for their significants other, they don’t want to be hurt further more in fear of being judge and hate for being who they are. Love is not to be submissive. Power is not to dominate over another.

But Lucifera! Your minions are messing with the wrong Lady; I am no ordinary woman who lusts and have selfish desires. Being submissive or dominate over someone else is not for the like of me.

I will love with high intensity with a clear mind. Where there’s judgment I will nullify myself and cherish the one who judges, where there’s no peace, I will offer my peaceful presence. Your little minions better surrender before I send them back to our beloved Father God so they can vanish into the oblivion.

Mark my words.

Until next time, my beloved sister.

With love,
Miracle, The Seraphim.

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