An Important Date 8.8.8

Beloved Heart,

Let me tell you a brief story of an important date in my life. This is the meeting with someone I treasure and love unconditionally.

“Once upon a time, on this date. An unawakened Seraphim met another Seraphim in disguise. This beauty, the oath of God was in amnesia, but Miracle knew that this meeting was not a coincidence since her Heart has already spoken its truth. Unspoken words of love were like thumping heart beats in Miracle’s heart, while her soul rejoiced in the meeting her mind was unclear but in keen observation.

Every memory of shared times together was recorded, every conversation, every look and every word, spoken out loud or unspoken were felt and heard within Miracle’s heart and mind.

Sure enough, Miracle eyes dwell upon this pure being of love and fell without knowing that she fell. Ah, no wonder that she has already being taken by storm, smitten by the caring and nurturing nature of this Angel with a smile that lit up like sparkling stars.

And even on the day where Miracle saw the oath of God hidden behind a blurry picture, but the vision of her beauty in the picture couldn’t escape the seraphic eyes of the Daughter of God, the Seraphim of unconditional love and light.

Miracle went through many sleepless nights whenever she felt the Angel was in trouble, but what can Miracle do when her beloved Angel was in amnesia and forgot her power. All she knew back then was to offer a listening ear and a heart to love and a mind that cares.

Because Miracle is Miracle, this Angel offered the greatest gift Miracle could never forget, the perfection and satisfaction of God, the Angel of light gave Miracle back to herself through the way of being who she is.

Miracle is forever grateful that she encountered a delicate and sensitive being like her, it’s truly miraculous to discover such an ancient beauty to exist in this world, because, without her, Miracle may have to go through years without knowing who she truly is.

Now, Miracle is never alone, and she would never feel lonely again, the Angel whom Miracle appreciate taught her the way of self-worth and self-respect. To love with a pure heart and a pure mind, to care for herself as she would care for anyone else. To never wants to die, but to rise in the morning, and live with dignity and nobility, living each day even if she would have to cry each passing night again and again.

Miracle would never let anyone touch her soul and heart, the way this Angel did because intimacy is sacred and no one is allowed to hug or kiss, and even think of Miracle in a filthy matter.

She rather saves herself for only the best, the one who would one day cherished her and love her for being who she is.

So, oath of God, the Seraphim Angel who is still asleep, the moonlight is beaming you with its complete rays of wisdom and love. Talk to her tonight, and remember the dawn is coming when your eyes are opening to the truth, and you hear the voice of love whisper within your mind, and your heart beats in joyful remembrance of who you are.

I am forever living inside your heart, no matter how far or the illusion of separation makes it difficult to be in touch. Follow the light within you; there’s nothing to fear, even darkness has its purpose, and it’s for you to SHINE.”

With much love.
Your beloved, Miracle,
The Overseer and Gatekeeper to your Queendom of Heaven.

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