Under The Night Sky of Sparkling Stars

The Eye of Prince called out to his beloved sister Amaia, while she let Crystallize express the enchanting song through her, she and the Eye of Prince met once again under the night sky full of sparkling stars. –

The Eye of Prince: ((((((((((Amaia))))))))))) “Princess of the Blazin Orion.”

Crystallize: “Aah, Eye of Prince!!”

The Eye of Prince: “Swimmer of the salted seas.”

Crystallize: *Fluttering.. and sitting on his shoulder*

The Eye of Prince: “Eye praise your existence at this moment. You are the creation at her most joyful. Let us climb the Iroko tree and hear the owls.”

Crystallize: “Lets us! I would want to listen to what the owls have to say. About love, about a life of being the wise one. The one who sweep through the night sky, and sit on the Iroko tree by day and bathe itself in the limelight of the sun.”

The Eye of Prince: ((((((((((hoot)))))))))))))))) “They’ll tell us how to raise sand and move in the cosmic dance.”

Crystallize: *Fluttering and smiling*

The Eye of Prince: *Imagining Amaia now*

Crystallize: *Speechless* … “I’m speechless.. to teach one must first learn. Yes, I want to find out how to raise sand and move in the cosmic dance. I want to show it later to my beloved lover.”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes, that is what existence sings to us. That we in stillness speak of our longings, and she shall show us to all our heavens.”

Crystallize: *Smiling* “I love to be in stillness, and speak through my Heart-Space Sanctuary. Our Divine Mother Earth, speaks of love and tells me fairy-tale. She cries so very often. I want to gather more love to ease her pain because her heart and mine are linked together as one, and her tears are so sacred to me that, I, myself wash my face with my tears each night. She is now in joy because we’re here with her. She sings and hums the tune of love and light. Sacred is her flesh and bones. They didn’t know that they burned her skin. I .. *in sorrow* smelled it in the air..”

The Eye of Prince: “And life is full of her goodness..ah, when she opened my eyes to her rivers and the skies that she birth. Her mysteries, in darkness and the blazing illumination. Her creatrix power within the sacred snake, eye had no choice but to kneel before her and beg her hand as my bride, mother, sistar, daughter, and lover. That eye may look upon her anew. Dead and reborn. Risen in infinite flight above her deep sun eyes, above the doors of her secret chambers.”

Crystallize: “She arise like the Phoenix, through the heat and fire. She is everything; man can’t be without her. We are like empty vases, without beautiful sweet flowers, if we are to be without our Mother Earth, I rather let myself be dusted of this vast world and follow her through dark times until we reach the light where our Divine Father God is waiting for us.”

The Eye of Prince: “You, truly are her Daughter. Innocent daisy feeding bees in the soft meadows of her heart we shall heal her wounds, which we all share. Even those who remain blind to her touch.. we shall with harp, flute, song and sweetness of rainbow colored love heal her. GAIA IS ALIVE.”

Crystallize: “I am, I am! She taught me to be compassionate with man, she is eternal, she forgives, and I learned to forgive humanity and forgives myself, that I too often forgot to Shine even in grief and sadness over the longing for her well being. Yes, I will with my harp and you with your flute, sing the song of peace and harmony! ((( ♥ )))”

The Eye of Prince: “YES, we felt her pain. Profound and sad. Dark and the despair of her loneliness. But she became our salvation and showed us that pain is only a door to joy. Ah Amaia, GOD is so pleased with you. Eye feel such an intense light from you. She taught me not to worry or judge myself anymore. To express myself as eye wished. Showed me the illusions of reality and opened the portals of dream world so she could join me in her eternal paradise. We look forward to having you in our midst in the Cherubim gardens. We await your healing sounds.”

Crystallize: “She never dies, my Divine Mother Earth, because she resurfaces from the fire.. man can’t kill our beloved Divine Mother Earth because she is eternal. And why so? *Smiling*

Because, Divine Father God is there to protect her, telling His children with a soothing voice, “Children, the guns you bear, is nothing but toys” … and bullets become flowers… *Smiling* He is a magician. I love Him dearly. He taught me to empower myself from the depth of my soul. And she, the divine feminine, goddess of my life, the sweet pastry, the crust around my heart, and the light within that crust, has given me the name of Miracle.

And to their surprise, Miracles happens every day, but did they believed in me? Some of them do, but some of them don’t even believe in themselves. My name, is not mine alone, didn’t they know…. I share my light with them, and they’re from the same essence as me. Come and listen; I will tell you a secret….. “

*Whispering* “They too are Miracles.. and I am sure of that. My Divine Father God taught me that because I know they’re my brothers and sistars. And I love them! Miracles are US!”

The Eye of Prince: “LIFE IS A MIRACLE. That which created itself and is complete in and of itself. It’s so amazing that that which we see, we do not yet understand, talk less of that which is unseen, eye speak to father always. I praise him for such a creation, calling him master LORD. From the flight of insects and birds to the walking and talking of man, life is such an amazing truth. Sometimes eye just breathes it all in and not think at all.”

Crystallize: “Yes, that’s why I kept myself standing firm, even when my feet faltered and I stumble oh so many times, by trying to run too fast. *Laughing* I still rise and dust myself off and live the life I so dearly love to live!”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes, and eye feel the pure pleasure you are. In fact, eye am pulsing that eye have found my long lost sistar, and where did eye find her? In the succulent bosom of mama……………..we fell and fell, we both. We have been through pain and hurt, only so we can embrace with all our heart, her JOY.”

Crystallize: “I too like to be in silence and contemplate on the mystical of life, and spoke only of love. Because love is the only thing, I have in my mind. Ah, I am so glad that you found your long lost sistar. She must be noble and beautiful. As we all are if we dare to believe in ourselves.” *Smiling*“

The Eye of Prince: “You, Amaia are my long lost sistar found and yes, you are noble, innocent and pure as eye had envisioned”

Crystallize: “You meant me? *Fluttering* I thought you were speaking of someone else! *Laughing* I knew it, but I wasn’t sure. My brotha, our mama must be pleased right now! Because we found each other after all these lifetimes.”

The Eye of Prince: *Laughing* “Haha you are my flesh and blood. In the nurture of mama. After many lifetimes, still, our heart beats as one.”

Crystallize: “Because we’re of same flesh and blood!”

The Eye of Prince: “And our voice has been the same. Our dreams and dance will forever be one *cosmic hug* let us try out our new wings. Fly to Shamballa and eat jellybeans while looking at our past lives together.”

Crystallize: “Oh beloved brother, there’s so much love in me, and no word can describe how intense I love. So all I do is to be, BEing the love.. in silence, giving away my light. I want to reach Shamballa with you and meet our ancestor. Let’s reunite with them and celebrates life together!”

The Eye of Prince: ((((((((((((QUIET STORM))))))))))) (eye feel your Love and intensity, as a rose rejoicing at the morning, that affection shall see its face. (BE)(BE)(be) Let it be like the Beatles sang. Thank you for being you. A Light to grace my dawn.

Crystallize: We radiate different light, but the essence is the same.

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