Only The Healing of Pure Love Suffice

Dear Beloved Heart,

I am the Love Father God has bestowed upon me. Like an instrument for Him to use, I feel enlightened to know that this love has never been a burden, but only a blessing. It’s a blessing, to be unique enough to make a difference in the world, with the abilities I’ve within my heart. I’ve overcome many struggles, and not to mention all the experiences I’ve experienced to be where I am right now. It’s certain that there’s nothing I cannot do with the help of God’s hands and many of the helper He has given me through my ascension.

I’m overjoyed to know that everything happens for a reason even how small that purpose would be. I delight myself into my present moment right now and right here, while I pour out words from the depth of my soul for you to read.

Sorrow came and swept me off my feet. I hunger to know more of it so that I can pour more love into the hollow Heart-Space. Insanity is when I perceive what people do, is wrong. While sanity is to know, God creates nothing but perfection.

Errors are not, there’s no need to “fix.” It doesn’t matter whether it is to fix a relationship or a situation. What is more important to me, the things that matter the most is to love, to forgive and change the frequency to be more positive so that there will be more options for my fellow people to choose on.

Nothing is impossible, you’ll see, you’ll hear, and you’ll know it, as times go bye.

Beaming you with Love,
Miracle, The Seraphim.

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