My Vow To The Eternal Love of Oneness

Beloved Ryder,

Love goes beyond any common sense.

I vowed to myself that no reason or logic is more important than love. Every day fills with joy, and my heart overflows with love. My eyes see nothing but love, and my mind thinks of nothing but love.

In darkness there is light, and when there’s light, darkness is no longer.

My heart has brought through its truth; the truth is, there is only one moment, the present moment when I am acutely aware of my breath, my heart beats, my inner source energy. I see thoughts as clouds and feelings which stir inside me as my inner compass to guide me through every storm I may encounter.

I am like a ship, and the shore is my starting point; the day I came like a shooting Star to this planet earth; the world we are sharing. And the ocean is my world, my life. I sail through life with only one goal; it’s to sail towards my dream. I will reach out for the sun rays and be a beacon of light to fulfill my destiny fully.

What dreams may I have?

It’s nothing more or less a dream to experience Unity, to come back home to my Self. My goal is to sail into happiness, into love, peace, and abundance.

The journey has been long, but not long enough for me to reach the end because this journey is eternal. Whenever there’s an ending, it’s always the beginning of something new.

My ship has been wrecked many times by countless storms and hurdles, but it has not lost its values. I appreciate every single scar in my heart because they’re my souvenir. Without them I wouldn’t understand myself, my fellow people, the humanity and everything that is.

And yes, I am grateful for this journey, without it I merely exist as a seed which waits to spring forth from the dust heap, with the hope to grow and to be in full bloom.

As a caterpillar waiting to transform into a butterfly, to claps it wings and flies towards the sun rays, just to experience the freedom of flying higher and higher. At times to dwell for a moment on a flower to sip the nectar of its essence.

I am now fully awake, to know that I am already home in my inner Self. My heart has spoken so softly to me, whispered away my longing to belong here on earth, while I am here as a morning and evening star to lit up the way. I am here; I am now, I am drifting along with the wind, and flowing downstream with the river. I know, I’ve chosen my path, and it’s my purpose in life to guide and to assist those who need my light.

Life becomes easier when I surrender and proclaim my Divinity. And life flows like the stream of a river from my heart. Life unfolds itself like a rose, petal by petal.

I have no life, my life is no longer mine, but I become life itself. And the life I once thought was my own, are now the lives of all there is in this world.

There’s no longer a surprise for me to know and realize there has never been anyone outside of me. There has always been me, in others.

In short, We Are All One.

Your beloved wife,
Miracle, The Seraph

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