A Prayer To Restore Peace Within The Mind

Beloved Divine Mother,

It’s me, your little Seraph. Your Daughter, the one you created and given life when you birthed me into the existence of the Universe and the Galaxy.

Divine Mother, I exist only because of you and Father God, but my presence is meaningless without the Holy Spirit. I am the Christ Gem you had purposely tossed down to Mother Earth. The Seraphic light I hold inside my Heart-Space Sanctuary is seeping out my entire being. And it’s my intention to let it leaks out from my auric field.

I know you are up there watching over me, while I am here being an Emissary of Light and Love. While I experienced duality, pain, and suffering, I remember that healing myself from old wounds, regarding the past lives and all timelines are the uttermost importance during these time of change. It’s the only way I can be a conduit for unconditional love and an instrument of Father God and you without any judgment and restriction.

I honed my abilities to listen, to feel, and to observe with my awareness and extraordinary intuition through the grace of love and humility. I am not here to create another doctrine or regroup people in different classes and favor one over another. I am only here to direct and guide them to listen to their hearts because of Divine Father God’s compassionate love dwells there.

Today I want to pray, and exorcisms the mind of its wicked way of thinking, the distortions which keep humanity souls in bondage. Whether it’s mine or the collective consciousness, let peace and tranquility prevail within our thought. Only so, the mind will be clear to receive Divine messages and be inspired by the Heart to live life in abundance, love, and joy.

By the end of the day,
When the moon comes forth
To light up the globe
And the feeling of hollowness persist
The depth inside me contains nothing but spaces
In tears, I send my prayers to Father God;

“Dear Father,
Please, forgive the mind
That wander away from home.
It misinterpreted love for fears
And has long ago
Been driven by lust and greed.

I want to live in peace.
I now declare myself as a non-being,
For the sake of others
I want to put down my guard
And toss away my chase
For acknowledgment and fame.

I live in between the gap
Of the material world
And the spiritual world.
Both worlds shall bring me back home
To where I belong
The infinite
The desireless
The token of serenity.
I surrender my being
And leaves the mind naked in shame,

Then it would no longer be driven by lust and greed,
And it would finally be heading back home to you.

Father God,
I am grateful for thee.”

With Love your little Daughter,
Miracle, The Seraphim

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