The Voice of Love

Beloved heart,

I connected with The Eye of Prince, in 2011/2012, we had our brief interaction under the heavenly sky and spoke words of wisdom while we sang the song of creation in harmony and peace.

As I reread it, everything seems more clear to me. There’s no doubt to the way I want to live my life, and there’s no uncertainty in which I couldn’t make it. My life is my responsibility, what I create and manifest is for the highest good of all. With great power comes great responsibility, not power over anyone or anything, but power over the choices I made and will make further on, not just in this life alone, but to all eternity throughout my soul’s journey into the new galaxy.

The Eye of Prince: “My Miracle.”

Miracle: *Smiling*

The Eye of Prince: “Miracle of Love, Miracle of creation, Miracle of innocence, Miracle of purity.”

Miracle: *Fluttering*

The Eye of Prince: “Eye shall sing to the skies and every bird in flight of Butterfly, the innocent one.”

Miracle: “My creation and creativity are in the air you breathe, thus we breathe in the same air and I will and shall hear your song.”

The Eye of Prince: “And we are the air. Always have been one.”

Miracle: “That’s why you recognize my heart-song.”

The Eye of Prince: “It plays beautifully in my hearts sanctuary. As children on a Sunday afternoon. As a nightingale. You are such a cherished butterfly, your innocence shines.”

Miracle: “Yes, I feel the love that shone through when midnight sun fades out. I felt the love and life as one, and nothing can hinder my love to all beings. I’ll gather more holy waters and light to fill my beloved’s longing abyss.”

The Eye of Prince: “You are the rising of the tiger at the gates of dawn, the warmth of wolf mother.”

Miracle: “Oh, how deeply cherished are your words. I feel noble while reading them. Nobility is the way I talk, sing and walk, like royalty of Divinity, flutter, and flying. It’s like a light cape which warmth my being.”

The Eye of Prince: “((((ah)))) Then let us speak the beauty of Lakes and spring. Let our voices evoke the heavens at the crossroads where we meet to part never again. My eternal one.”

Miracle: “Then I shall sing. Of a love that no man can compare and delude. This love is the love of Divinity, of heaven and Mother Earth. Let’s tip toe on the surface of the water and make ripples in a joyous dance.” “My harp, I must tune it…”

– # *Fluttering down and bring in the harp to tune it.*

The Eye of Prince: “We will sit by the waterfalls and hanging gardens ((((((((ooOHMmm) (silence(song)))) strings that tell of palace and creation. Our music of hearts, we’ll run with the horses, through mountains and valleys, through mirages quickened at our imagining, seeing with ONE EYE.”

Miracle: “The EYE of the oneness love, a burning desire to be as a lens to burn down all walls in humanity’s heart.”

The Eye of Prince: “WE SHALL REMIND ALL PEOPLES OF GOD. Our natural bone restored all voices and senses flowing as the ocean rested on Seraphim wings.”

Miracle: “I shall take our song and make it known for all man to sing. They shall listen and feel with their hearts, our passion for each other and them. All voices will be as one.”

The Eye of Prince: “With flowers in our hair, gathered by the forests, together with trees, Gaia is us.”

Miracle: “All creatures will sit by our feet blissfully because Mother Earth will speak to us with her soft, calm voice.”

The Eye of Prince: “And we will know what she says before she even speaks and laughter will be the clouds.”

Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia: “Sing now my Daughters and Sons, your song is like silk, covering me, oh how harmonious it is to have you here in this time on me, as I birth the world into the Golden Age.”

Miracle: “Oh Mother, Goddess of planet Earth. I am singing the song which I longed to sing, the golden octave of my melody will help everyone to reach their destination with ease and joy. I know you hear me; my tears, my longing, and the abyss of my loneliness cease because you talk through me with comforting and compassionate words. That’s why, we, the children of Light are here, gathering more flowers and crystals as offerings to you.”

The Eye of Prince: *Counting the gemstones.* “Lapis Lazuli offered to her rivers; Amethyst offered at her heart space, Rainbows as tears of joy. Spirits of devotion and agape.”

Miracle: “I have the permission of our Divine Father God to be here and play with you. As innocence children we are. How lovely to be met by your smile and, ah, how I desire for you to finish my words. I know you already knew what I would say. My heart is beaming with joy while I play on my harp.”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes Butterfly, eye feel the shapes of your sounds, tetrahedra of garnet. Eye shall blow bamboo flute to the forest nymphs dance horns of the pan and joyous ecstasy. (((((ah)))))(( Harp OF HEAVEN(()))))))))) PLAY that distant stars descend upon our horizons, you are the MOUTH OF GOD 7.”

Miracle: “Oh, how our song enhances the life we’ve here on earth. The Mouth of God is delicate; I shall play with the tune like silk touching His Mouth. It’s my Light and Love I have for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes, this truly wondrous. Creation. Being. Love. Loving.”

Miracle: “My harp have longed been dusted by the ego of man, but as I rose through ashes and fire, I, with my seraphic power of God’s will, my harp is restored, and I love it with all that I possess within my soul. But not me alone, but by all who know its worth.”

The Eye of Prince: “And it is worth a million lifetimes of Splendora, pink thoughts, and healing frequencies, solfeggio. You are the bosom of Mother. Warm. Full. Milk. Honey.”

Miracle: “It’s the taste of warm, full, milk, honey that make man sweet. They become enchanted, and their smile is worth more than the bosom alone. I yearned for them to gather themselves fragments of bliss, to be completely blissful.”

The Eye of Prince: “You are the jewel of her that hears the whispers of water. The dancer in PANDORA.”

Miracle: “The song must take a silent note, we must not exhaust our harp and flute. Let’s be for a while in this silence, and contemplate on the Love of our Divine Parents.”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes. (o) In the space of zero.”

Miracle: So it is. *Fluttering and fly away from the Harp*

– # *Flying back after a little while…*

Miracle: “Shall I name you The Eye of Prince. You who see me with clarity and purity.”

The Eye of Prince: “Yes. Do name me. This an honor to be called Eye of Prince, given by the heart of she. There is no stain in your eyes, and you are the linen of Mary, the cotton, and the shroud of Yeshua, the healing of hands.”

Miracle: *Fluttering away…*

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