Light Beacon

Beloved Heart,

Because of my curiosity I’ve reached the point of real knowledge. Love is my knowledge and freedom is efficacious to my soul. Bad habits seem to fall away by the wayside. I rise yet again to a new morning of glory and meaningful moments embedded in my memories. New memories are like snowflakes melting in my mind, and they stored like healing water inside my heart where happy tears joined to create a healing river through my eyes.

I understand how wonderful life is when everything flows smoothly without me trying to control my fate. Fate is my life, and these two goes hand in hand. I created my life just the way I want, with light and love. My life is one with all lives. One with nature, one with small creatures as tiny as a bug.

Butterfly lives for a short while, but in a significant way. They created harmony in life and leaves traces of fairy dust wherever they fly. We are like the butterflies, but we haven’t seen ourselves as butterflies because we’re still frightened of our transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We must first accumulate lots of healing energy to create a cocoon to feel protected before we can see our alteration being transmuted from fear to love. We are the butterflies, and there are no reasons to reject the thoughts of fear.

Fear is only a way-shower, it gives us more insight on how to choose a better life once we see it for what it is; it acts only as a barrier to secure us from harming ourselves. Why would we want to hurt ourselves when we know that love is behind our fear making sure that false ideas about ourselves won’t harm us. Love is within us, the throbbing heart beats of the heart is proof of our Divinity we are protecting with our strength.

We don’t need fear to create more havoc in our lives, but to gently move it away from the wayside. Fear is like the potholes we see on our path, and when we see it, we rather choose to walk around it than falling into it. With the faith we have for love, it will direct our way and makes sure that we will follow our path with ease and joy. It whispers sweet wisdom into our ears. We must be still and listen well before we take another step further along the road. We will not fall if we were to be guided by our own heart. Love will make us meager but not at all weak because it’s our strength we are carrying within us.

Love are we; we are love. Then fear is nothing great to be concerned because love is far better than any emotion. It’s more than emotion alone. It’s fuel to drive our souls further into the higher realms. If we wait long enough to let love talk through our hearts, we will be enlightened and more in tune with the universe. Love is what sustains us; it takes one barrier at a time away from our hearts. We had built enough walls and isolated ourselves long enough. It’s time to leap through the fence of ignorance and arrogance and be a beacon to enlighten our next generation. We are adequate to live a glorious life of our own. They’re worth all the effort we are here to make; Heaven on Earth.

Your beloved,
Miracle, the Seraphim.

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