The Keeper of The Threefold Flame

Beloved Heart,

Being the keeper of the threefold flame means to serve selflessly. It’s not to accumulate wealth for a selfish purpose to myself, but to keep the flow of receiving and giving, it’s to always be humble and bow before the Divine within my altar in my Heart-Space Sanctuary, which also resides within everyone else.

Being awake, means, I can no longer escape from the truth, less hide the truth which resides within my heart and soul. There’s no suffering when the truth has set me free, and the suffering ended when I accepted the only truth there’s in my heart. It is to accept myself for Who I Am and love myself unconditionally.

I am not here to go through life by being deceived by the illusions. I am here on Mother Earth to co-create with my Divine Father God. I am here to co-create what my heart desires the most, and it’s unconditional love to all beings and all things; Heaven on Earth shall be done because it’s His will as it’s mine own.

I am a loving being, walking through life with a loving heart.

To be fully awake, means, I can no longer rewind my life and live the way I used to live.

My intention is to be fully aware and awake of my thoughts and feelings, and I will be mindful of my words; only the language of light and love will and can trespass the gate of the mouth. As long as I am here, I will do my best to heal and radiate the Divine in me, in silence or loudly by actions or by words are the same, as long as it’s for the highest good of all.

No one is required to believe in what I say if it doesn’t resonate with them because people have to believe in themselves, their hearts. I am just here to keep the threefold flame so that I can fan their sacred fire within them, the threefold flame that they have yet seen in themselves, which is glowing and waiting for them to discover.

I keep mine in safety so that yours will always be fuel.

With Love and Light
Miracle, the Seraphim.

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