Heartwarming Lightwaves

My heart vibrates waves of light,
throughout this eternal realm,
penetrates the mist of illusion to reach out to your heart,
and heat up every corner of frost which left you in cold-sweat
when the night cape slowly covers the earth into sleep.

And while you believed for a moment,
that your own shadow has abandoned
you solely to yourself,
my beacon of small lights
constantly punctured hole in the night cape
and leave traces of stardust over your heavenly sky.

In my heart you’re like innocent children joyously
playing with its own shadow the first gleam of morning, delightful,
going through the days, but soon forgets the joy in playing,
as your shadow quickly hides away,
after the sun set from plain sight in your world.

Turn your gaze towards me, your heart, my beloved,
and see for yourself, that I’ve given you
the stars and the moon to lull you into sleep,
I’ve given you the majestic sun to
brighten up even the little nook and cradle for you
to see your own shade, faithfully,
Following you –
Wherever you go.

Live not a day without noticing,
my presence, in your heart.
I’m forever here, gently caressing
and comforting you with my vibration
of heartwarming lights.

Your Beloved Father God. 

Written by
– Miracle, The Seraphim.

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