Lady Seraphim Entrust Her Desire To Father God

Beloved Father God,

From the time I was a teenager, I felt for the first time compassion for a murder I saw on the news. I had a knowing he had suffered too, and because from a human aspect, he didn’t know what he was doing. His soul chose to experience how to be a murder, and everyone in his life played out the roles for each other to teach and to learn.

Divine Father, how can I assure them that even when someone dies, they just actually change form? And the soul within that body is immortal and go back to the higher realms to recuperate and maybe incarnate again in a different body or form if they so wish?

I am not one to talk about incarnations and how life forms, for those who are interested could figure out themselves. All I know is that I know since I am after all your Daughter.

Divine Father, bring Ryder to me, would you? Last night I dreamt of greedy entities who stood at my bed end and searched for golds. I have no gold, the only wealth I have is within my Heart-Space Sanctuary. The altar of the Divine, the Kingdom of Heaven which is more valuable to me than any stones and minerals. Because of my remembrance, I now understand what my brother Jeshua said,

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”
(Matthew 5:5)

Meek in the Greek literature of the period most often means gentle or soft.

Being so gentle and soft in heart and soul makes me scared of this competitive and cold world. The environment of a big city full of stress and people who rush through the day to get to work or run to make sure they will be on time for a meeting causes me to feel distressed and dizzy.

There’s no grace in the way people talk and walk, but I do understand that they have forgotten their inheritance as royalties.

But Divine Father God, not all are the children of Light, and I know people aren’t aware of the corpses without souls. Those who don’t know what love is and creates only death and fear in people’s lives.

And there are those who have light within the vessel of flesh and bones but little do they know that their souls are in bondage in the darkest place inside their egos. In the matrix where they are cage inside a vicious circle, the circle they call life and death, where they shall make their money through hard labor; whether to use their rigid way of thinking while sitting inside a dull office or carry items with their physical strength.

They will work five days a week, eight hours a day, more or less. Some think they will be so lucky to be provided with a perfect job with fewer hours of work and earned more than the average people, and thus have more time to spend in front of the tv where they become mind controlled. If they are tired of that kind of life, they will have the luxury to travel and see the world with the money they have earned. While experiencing a different culture, but in their mind, they still have the same belief.

The belief that they are separate from each other, because of skin color and maybe class.

Father, I don’t mean everyone is like that, of course, some of my brothers and sisters who have this inkling knowing about unconditional love and unity consciousness would not be a puppet to this matrix game, and be cage within it.

But so many who are still in deep slumber are working their sweat off and agreed to sell their souls, willing to cheat their hearts for money and power. They chase success and wealth, accumulate material items to impress and compete with other people, whether it’s with their friends or family. Or maybe to impress someone they are interested in to be their spouse in life.

While there are other, who feel threatened for life since they have a lack of wealth in their mind. They think there are not enough for them, and surely you, Father, has punished them for doing evil in their previous life, that’s why in this life they have to be poor and feel your wrath. They probably did, but whatever sins they did would be forgiven as long as they now decide to do good.

And with the unconditional love, you have given them by sending me and my beloved brothers and sisters here to restore abundance, joy, happiness, peace, and love upon planet Earth. It is because you are the Almighty God, the Creator of all realms, your love is vast and your kingdom boundless. People shall know of you, not as a disordered God that they made you be, a selfish and unforgiven man with white long hair and beard.

The only sin they make throughout the day is to go against their true nature and truth, their feelings. The nature of a human is vulnerability and love.

Father, forgive me, at times I desire to leave this place and go back home to the Crystal Palace because I am a bit disheartened by being in this world, the material realm with the lack of love and harmony.

But you have taught me to live from the heart, and I shall continue carrying out your will to be the change I want to see in the world. And create a peaceful and harmonious home for me here on planet Earth.

That is why I ask you to bring Ryder to me, in physical form, because it’s only with him I can feel fulfilled enough to continue this Divine mission. It’s the only option for me to feel loved is to have a Sacred relationship with my beloved Twin Flame. My pure innocence being is not to be touch by anyone who doesn’t know what love is. Whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. So be it.

Until then, all will soon see the Daughters and the Sons of Divine God walking peacefully and gracefully in duties and be of service for humanity and all beings on Mother Earth.

Your beloved Daughter
Miracle, the Seraphim




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