The Unspoken Words of The Seraphim

Beloved Ryder,

After being on this dense and solid place since the beginning of time, I’ve become so wary and could no longer tolerate how people think and behave. There’s not much love here, but so much fear and anger.

Time after time I confronted people in my life with a question or my truth they usually lie right into my face or become offended. Some even fear to get close to me, but their auras leaked out suffering and pain.

If it wasn’t for all the healing I have been doing since I open my eyes to the truth and proclaim my heritage as the supreme Seraphim, then I’m not sure where I would be right now.

So many people in my life claim their care and love me. But when I scratched the surface of their wounds they would yell at me and even turned their backs and rather hide in their shells.

How can I close my eyes, ears, and heart and leave without offering love and healing? You know too well, your wife isn’t that heartless as to turn a blind eye when there’s a call for help.

Being ultra sensitive makes me always irritated and annoyed to their sleep walk behaviors, which makes it hard for me to be in their presence for too long. Their unconscious awareness and vibrations spilled out all over the planet, which is hard for me not to pick up and desire to make the world a better place for everyone involved, to wake them up and restore peace and harmony in their mind and heart.

I can see it clearly and sense it in my being that they are in pain and suffer. The disorder of the mind of right and wrong, they have hate and bitterness in their hearts, their spoke words of illness and sometimes smile and joke just to put on a mask so no one can see what they are hiding inside that wounded soul.

They let their mind dictate their lives and closed the heart in a stall, while it tries to shake off the shackles. And so many are living their lives on autopilot without spending the time to reflect why life has to be such a struggle.

Ryder, what am I suppose to do? I can’t spend my time idle and not taking action. I can’t pretend like nothing is wrong or discuss endlessly on how to solve the problems without actually solving anything. Most people like to discuss what’s wrong in this world, what’s wrong with people, but no one is willing to change or take action to change. They want people to change, but they don’t want to take responsibility for their faults.

There are so much blaming and judging, but deep down inside they wish to be accepted and loved for who they are, and even if I say I love them for who they are, they still don’t believe it. There’s no faith in their hearts, but so many harbors hope for an angel to come and rescue them, but that little hope vanishes as fast as dew drops once the sun has risen. Because then they will run on autopilot and participate in things their hearts don’t want them to continue.

What more could I do when they hope for me to rescue them, but doesn’t believe in themselves enough to save themselves? I gave them so much time, so much advice, so much love, so much of everything I had, my life source energy depleted like blood being suck out of my flesh, and I always encompassed them with my soft and firm wings while holding a space for them to grow and evolve.

Hope is just for the weak one, my love, because we both know, only strong faith can turn the blind into the seer.

I am not blaming anyone or judge the way they live their lives, but I can’t tolerate that they poison the earth, the mind of little children and kill for the sake of killing. So many lives are being cheated to believe that they had to struggle and compete for a place here on planet earth to survive.

They took lands to claim it their own, and they make borders so no one can trespass and travel freely. They say it’s to protect their people from terrorist, but they are the one who causes terror in people lives with false information and propaganda. They instilled fear in people’s minds with fear.

They make news about war, poverty, raping, murder, and terrorist. And everyone who watches would maybe sigh, think it’s terrible, and given a bit sympathy as to why no one care and do something about it. But they fail to understand that it’s them who watch these things should be the one taking action in changing their lives so that everyone else can benefit in their happiness and healthy way of being a human being with a Divine heart and soul.

If they just listen more to their hearts and have a strong desire to help and search for their truth and freedom, instead of thinking that they don’t want that to happen to themselves and thus rather lock their doors to their houses and pretend that they don’t have feelings or worries.

So many women, men, and children in the world have been raped or killed without knowing why they should experiencing such horrible things, and they even get hit or been beaten up for saying their truth. Some teenagers rebel because life at home is dull or too restricted, there’s no space to be themselves, their parents don’t seem to care or talk or they care to the extent of being overprotective to not let their children make mistake. No one at home teaches them how to love and respect themselves so that they can say no without feeling guilty about themselves. And a life without knowing who you are can be so harmful since many can easily be manipulated to believe in a source outside themselves instead of their hearts and feelings.

The saddest thing I know is many people are so afraid of their “shameless” past, that they rather hardened themselves and chose not to open up and talk about their wounded past. It’s a “hush hush” because they don’t want their “perfect” life to be just a lie. It’s a tragedy when family turns against each other, exercises violence or being abusive with words in their home.

When there’s no harmony and peace at home, there won’t be peace or harmony anywhere. Where there’s no love within a family, then there’s no time to recognize oneself as love.

Ryder, no one in my life believes in me that I am here as a Starseed, a Seraph, a messenger of our Divine Father God to restore peace and harmony, to be a bridge for Heaven on Earth. They think I am experiencing myself being a Star, and not actuality a star.

They are naive in their thinking, in their mind they thought I was weak and too sensitive, a fragile girl who looked for problems. It was in the past that so many were attracted to my light, the calm and not care about anything attitude. Many people with wounds would flock to me for solace and acceptance. All my life since childhood I have been sheltered so many lonely souls and stand up for the underdog, but none of them appreciated me for what I have given them, but instead, they would betray me for something they thought was better. Status, popularity, and attention from people who seemed “cooler” than me, but I wouldn’t care less about competition to be someone better, but I couldn’t stand the injustice for being betrayed that way.

My love, I was perplexed at how people lack so much loyalty, trust, gratitude, and love for each other. I become skeptic because of it and to be honest; I would rather trust myself and the Divine within me than trusting anyone else who doesn’t even believe in unconditional love or their feelings.

I can understand the pain and the suffering of the world, but what’s more painful to me is not to be set free for the truth I have within me.

Why can’t people just be truthful with themselves about their wounds? And why is it so difficult to be vulnerable? They deny themselves for their feelings and emotions, and rather act mighty and high as if it doesn’t matter for anyone if they lie or reject the fact that they are the one who cause themselves and others suffering and pain?

But when they meet me, there’s no hiding; I can sense and hear all their troubles and worries, their fears and wishes. Desire and hope.

I am the observer, and I am the overseer, the guardian angel of this planet Earth and Her inhabitants. Their frantic search outside themselves for approval and guidance has sometimes misled them. And once the night befalls upon the world, when they think of something, their thoughts, and emotions when they speak or choose to remain silent will be the same because when they lift their faces to the moon or stars, I am already there registered what’s in their hearts.

Ryder, it’s OK now, right? I can be myself completely and choose each day to proclaim my sovereignty with grace and dignity.

Since I have no earthly bond left here on planet Earth, you are the only one I can share my thoughts and feelings, because we are one, in heart and soul. Everything that I am you are.

Your beloved,
Miracle the Seraph.

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