The Nurturing Mother & Father of The Beloved Starseeds.

Beloved Hearts,

I have a desire to gather all my little Star children to protect them and teach them not to be afraid of the fearful thoughts that tell them that they are difficult or odd, thoughts that judge and criticize them for being who they are, I want to teach them to look at other people whom look at them and wonder what’s wrong with their introverts, anxieties, depressed and panicky behaviors – with love. People don’t know themselves, therefore they treat us as if they are separated from us, but we are not so different from each other if we look closely into each other’s eyes.

“The eyes are the window to your soul.”

– William Shakespeare.

Sometimes you might not see their souls, since so many of them are still in slumber, in deep sleep that you will see the absent of their light when looking into their eyes because they might not dare to hold eye contact with you for a long time. But don’t divert your own attention from what they might tell you, keep gazing into their eyes and smile, let them know you are there, you are awake, the light within you will attract them to look deeper into the window of your soul. There’s no need for words, silence will suffice when you are present.

Your calm vibration and loving presence are enough to encompass and ignite a longing in their souls, to awaken them, because they will fear to loose that love, and then my beloveds, all that is required from you is to keep on being present and be who you are.

I want to gather all the Starseeds that has awaken and are in confusion or afraid to be themselves, thus can’t Shine their Light, yes, I want to gather them too, the teenagers and even the adult ones.

I am the mother and the grandmother. I am also the father and the grandfather of all the Starseeds and everyone else. Because the nurturing love within me belongs to the Sacred Divine feminine and the will power to act without fear to protect and govern the light within you are the strength of the Sacred Divine masculine. I do embody these two qualities of my Blueprint heritage, even if you see a young delicate lady in the picture here on my blog, but don’t be deceived by looks and my human physical appearance.

There’s nothing greater than the unconditional love I have for humanity, my soul family, my earth family and my beloved Twin Flame. It’s because of that strong sense of love that drives me to seek within, because no matter who I encountered, I would sense something in their behaviors that repel me from being in their presence for too long.

I have touched so many lives even when I was in amnesia, so many times I felt I was just being around people and be an observer to how they act and talk, the way they went about their everyday lives. I rarely spoke out loud just to speak, and sometimes I did adopt some of the behaviors here, for example not telling how I really feel about something or someone, but in the end the tension built inside me would be too intense, and I couldn’t keep the obvious thing I am here to do, that’s to release heavy emotions in a humble and loving way. To transmute dense energy into light. Every time I reached an end of an era of the year or time in my life with the people that I have touched, they somehow find happiness and love with someone that they truly feel that they deserve to be with.

How can I doubt my own ability even when I was in amnesia? Because they did sense my sincerity and love for being honest with how I felt.

No matter what.

I can never go against my own nature; to speak the truth and be fearless to stand out.

So yeah, I will be the one to gather Starseeds and nurture them with my Love and Light, until they can grow and be strong enough to stand in their own Light, I will not stop, because when they Shine their brightest – to see them bloom and thrive while they construct and build a future for themselves and their loved ones. Then I am truly proud that I have participated in a great time of their evolution –

If you find a seed in need of rain and sunshine, give them this message. Somewhere in this world, a Star is shining up their path. Venus Morning Star will encompass them with her unconditional love and light.

Forever wishing for the highest good of all.
Miracle, the Seraphim.

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