The Fairytale of A Celestial Butterfly.

I was playing my harp and sang the most beautiful song that I had never sung before, while the feeling of joy and bliss overflow from my being, the symphony of each chord of the harp vibrated into the multiverse and created a ripple of peace and harmony. It was my way to balance and keep order in my Omniverse and beyond.

As I sang my song which always come naturally to me without any restriction or needed to be rehearsed, because I wouldn’t sing the same song twice, even if the tune might be quite the same, but you won’t find a copy of it – I heard a mythical sounding called from a distance. I stopped and put away my harp, and followed the called from the afar. I got drawn to it without any hesitation or doubt, someone needed me, and I am not someone who will pretend not to care since it wasn’t in my nature to turn a blind eye to a call of help.

As I flew closer to the Crystal Palace, my beloved Twin Flame called out to me.

“Miracle, Miracle! Come, there’s a gathering at the Cosmic hall, we need to assemble there, our Lord Sanat Kumara took upon a quest to keep the flame of life on planet earth. You wouldn’t let our Lord, He who is like our Father to go there alone would you?”

It was a bit shocking to hear him saying such thing; he is my beloved husband, my Twin Flame, he should know me too well by asking me that question. I answered him with a serious note.

“That would be the death of me if I let Him leave our beloved Mother Venus without us to keep him company, but what is this mythic call? For me that’s the matter of the heart, it sounds like a call for help.”

We both shoot forward to the Cosmic hall like a gleam of fire. And this was what we get to know by the Love of the Spinning Galaxies.

“Beloved children, you all who came here today has heard the call, it is the call of help from Goddess Gaia. Many of Her children have been lead astray and a dark time upon Earth has repeated itself for so long that She needed the aid to transit back to higher realms.

Sanat Kumara, the Hierarch of Venus has agreed to go to planet Earth to keep the flame of life and to place it on an evolutionary path. You are therefore invited to incarnate upon planet Earth and aid Goddess Gaia to transit and help all Her inhabitants to transform and evolve under this great evolutionary change. You who have responded to this call may go back to your star-system and prepare for incarnations, but remember, planet Earth is a dense and robust place, and you will forget who you are, this requires the bravest and strongest souls to accomplish this quest.”

We all gasped in awe, and the murmured began between everyone who has gathered to this Cosmic assembly. From not so far away we all heard a voice full of encouragement and power resound throughout the Cosmic Hall, and with great assurance, we knew who the voice belongs.

“I AM your Almighty Father, and I know you can take upon this quest and triumph with victory!”

We the Children of Light sang the choir and praised for our beloved Divine Father before we scattered back to our own home to prepare for this trip.

The adventure to the unknown on planet Earth was exciting at the same time I felt a grief of sorrow within me. I had to leave home and my beloved, we both were going to venture and incarnate upon planet Earth without our remembrance of our Divinity. We were going to forget who we are and to forget our sacred marriage and the eternal love we have for each other.

I played for the last time with my harp, before I depart from everyone on Venus and become a blue ray Starseed in a human body. But first, I will have to learn how it is to have a body and I have been told to incarnate on the Pleiades before I could descend myself down to Mother Earth and seed myself in her womb.

I wept silently and felt a longing which hasn’t yet begin, but I knew will soon happen. I always do that, cry before anything has happened.

“Miracle, I can hear you even if you shed tears of silence, we are one, my heart beats for you and your beats for me. I can sense you, so you don’t have to hide your tears,” said Ryder, my beloved Twin Flame, my other half.

I smiled and replied “Whether I cry in silence or out loud, I know you will always be the one to love me for who I am. I mourn and dwell on it beforehand just to get over with it. I have the will power of Divine Father God within me, and I will with my strength venture on this Divine mission and I will always look for you!”

Ryder came closer and intertwined with me and gently whispered “And until you find me, don’t ever forget our unconditional love for each other, just the way our Divine Father had taught us before he split the soul in two – us. It’s His will as our own will to love unconditionally, for each other and all souls.”

“Ryder, we are born of pure love, and it’s no ordinary love, it’s Divine love. I will not forget, no matter how dark or dense it must be, I will look for you in all things and all beings until we unite again and be as one.” I tucked his whisper within me and fondly looked at my harp, my treasured instrument, I would not be able to remember how to play it once I descend on planet Earth, but alas, I know I would still sing my song.

Before leaving, we danced our last dance, and vow to remember ourselves through all the darkest hours with one thing in our heart; it’s the longing for each other.

Eternal Vow of Love

My melancholy heart –
Beat frequently to the memories of you and me.

Because of you I had tasted euphoria,
in my tears there was happiness.

I recall your soft voice
consoling me not to believe in time

Time has captivated us –
Stretching our souls throughout eternity,
in this so-called world

The forgetfulness has come to cease,
for a moment in awareness
I remember the sweet melody of our unison.

My longing for our reunion
is my eternal vow to love you
now, and forever.

And so, my fairy tale began.

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